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Visualise your Thesis Competition

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Visualise Your Thesis Competition (VYT) 2020

What is VYT?

Visualise Your Thesis is a successful competition format developed by The University of Melbourne. It provides an opportunity for postgraduate students to showcase their graduate research and to build essential digital communication skills to effectively communicate complex research to a general audience. 

Using a pre-supplied template, entrants are tasked with developing a striking, audio-visual presentation that presents their research project via a short and engaging digital narrative.

The VYT competition at the University of Johannesburg will take place on Thursday, 20 August 2020.

The competition is open to registered master's students and PhD candidates, at any stage of their research.

2019 Winner Ms Alida Du Plessis.png
2019 Winner, Ms Alida Du Plessis, Faculty of Health Sciences

Not eligible to enter the competition are

  • Honours students
  • Masters by coursework students (even if their program has a research/thesis component)
  • Graduate researchers on a leave of absence (inactive)
  • Lapsed candidates

Below are the 2019 International VYT competition winners. Please click on the respective links to view their entries:

1st Annaclaire McDonald - University of Technology Sydney

Topic: Fantastic Metals & Where to Phyt Them

Available at:

2nd Donovan Garcia-Ceron - La Trobe University 

Topic: Exploring Extracellular Vesicles From Plant Fungal Pathogens 

Available at:

3rd Carmen Glanville - University of Melbourne

Topic: Protecting Pets by Changing People 

Available at:


Microsoft Powerpoint Training Resources - Click Here

Effective presentation design for Visualise Your Thesis - Anitra Nottingham (workshop 17 July 2019) Presentation - Click here 

For other comprehensive resources please visit the University of Melbournes VYT website - Click Here