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External Internship Programmes

A critical objective of the University of Johannesburg (UJ) is to educate and equip our students with work experience, as well as provide them with a recognised qualification. Graduate students are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to apply for graduate internships from various companies in order to acquire working skills that will prepare them for lifelong work opportunities.  

UJ therefore, encourages its students to apply for available graduate internships for skills development.


Social Connectedness Fellowship

Closing date: 7 March, 2021

This year, SCSC is offering 11 different research projects to which applicants can apply.

Fellows will have the opportunity to work with a partner organization in the social connectedness movement and conduct research, writing, analysis, and outreach in thematic areas related to social isolation and connectedness.

Fellows will gain knowledge and develop research specific to their partner's objectives/mandates, as well as connect with other partners to consult and benefit from their expertise. Thus, the Fellowship program enables Fellows to expand their professional networks and gain hands-on experience in research and programming, all while equipping them with new skills and a framework to tackle issues of the 21st century.

Additional requirements:

SCSC is looking for candidates with a passion for human rights, social justice and community-building. Overall, all candidates should demonstrate the following:

  • Passion for or first-hand knowledge in a particular SCSC thematic area. 
  • Interest in human-centred, community-driven change, and building greater connectedness in the world. 
  • Interest in gaining a new lens through which to understand and approach complex community and policy issues. 
  • Willingness to commit to respect, recognition and reciprocity in their research projects and partnership development, as outlined in the About Us page. 
  • Willingness to step out of their comfort zone in conducting research and outreach, and building relationships with the community in which they will conduct research.


  • This program is suited for candidates who are in their final year of a bachelor's degree (i.e will have graduated by summer or end of 2021), who are currently pursuing or finishing a graduate program, or who are maximum three years out of post-secondary education.
  • Be fully proficient in written and oral English to complete documentation and engage fully at orientation and workshops (note: certain proposals have specific language requirements other than English).
  • Have access to the internet and a computer/laptop, and be able to participate in Zoom meetings as required.


  • Able to work independently and manage time effectively. 
  • Able to take initiative and draw from different resources to support their work.
  • Able to perform multiple types of research (online, literature reviews, surveys/in-person interviews). 
  • Respectful of diversity (race, gender, sexuality, disability, religion, and culture). 
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills. 
  • Experience in community engagement and working with vulnerable populations is an asset. 
  • Public speaking, advocacy, event planning, and primary research skills are assets, but can also be learned through the Fellowship.

Application Procedure:

Please visit our 2021 Fellowship page for more details about the research projects and instructions on how to apply.


Applications for the PPS 2021 Graduate Internship Development Programme are open!

PPS 2021 Graduate Internship Development Programme.png

Ambitious young professional talent who are looking for an opportunity to start the career journey in 2021 will be pleased to know that applications for the PPS Graduate Internship Development Programme are now open!

Applying for the opportunity is really easy …

STEP 1: View the job opportunities posted on the PPS Group's PNet page.

STEP 2: Once you have spotted a role you are interested in, log onto your profile (ensure that it is complete and updated with the latest information).

STEP 3: Apply for the desired role … and that's it!

Successful candidates will be inducted to be part of the 12-month long programme which offers on-the-job training, professional and leadership development opportunities.

Follow the #WhyPPS campaign on the various PPS social media pages (FacebookLinkedInInstagram and Twitter) and see what some of our 2020 interns had to say about their experience on the programme.

About PPS Foundation

The PPS Foundation is a public benefit organisation that was founded in 2016 with the purpose of improving access to quality education, particularly in the higher education space.

  • Empower school leavers with the necessary financial assistance, skills, competencies and knowledge to help them access tertiary education and academic qualifications;

  • Enhance job-readiness and skills to ensure that students qualify as professionals, leading to them becoming self-sustaining and economically empowered professionals;

  • Offer bridging programmes, tools and mechanisms for beneficiaries transitioning from secondary to tertiary education, and from tertiary education to the workplace.

 For more information on the PPS Foundation and its work, read the 2019 Annual Report