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Patrick Gevera

PhD student
Name: Patrick Kirita Gevera
Location: C1 Lab 425 Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
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Contact Details:
Tel: +27 (0)84 751 4248


About Patrick Kirita Gevera

Project title:

Natural contaminants in soil, water and food from Makueni County, south-eastern Kenya: health implications and community awareness of risks

Prof. Hassina Mouri
Dr. P. Njuru, Prof. K. Dowling, Dr. M. Cave

Research interests:

Medical Geology, Environmental geology/geochemistry, hydrogeology, environmental pollution

Selected publications:

Gevera, P., Mouri, H., & Maronga, G. (2018). Occurrence of fluorosis in a population living in a high-fluoride groundwater area: Nakuru area in the Central Kenyan Rift Valley. Environmental Geochemistry and Health, 1-12.

Gevera, P., & Mouri, H. (2018). Natural occurrence of potentially harmful fluoride contamination in groundwater: an example from Nakuru County, the Kenyan Rift Valley. Environmental Earth Sciences77(10), 365.