UJ reigns victorious at 2017 Concrete Boat Race

Date: Oct 26, 2017 | News

A team of third year Civil and Electrical Engineering and Environmental Management students from the University of Johannesburg (UJ) had done extremely well at the Concrete Society of Southern Africa’s (CSSA) concrete boat race held on Saturday, the 14th of October 2017.

The Project Management group of students, led by Senior Lecturer Mr Deon Kruger, enrolled 30 boats and came out tops against teams from the University of Pretoria in both the student race and construction categories. .

The objective of this year’s project was to build a high-tech and environmentally friendly concrete Makorro, a traditional African canoe for use in the Botswana Okavango Delta. .

“The event served to introduce students to the cement and concrete industry and facilitate networking between the various interest groups in a “fun” setting,” said Mr Deon Kruger, Vice-President: International Congress on Polymers in Concrete and UJ Senior Lecturer: Department of Civil Engineering Science. .

The concrete boats were lined up along the lakeside, having been carefully and enthusiastically constructed to new rules by university students and industry companies throughout the region. .

The construction of the boats was carried out to very strict criteria, the most important of which was that they must float! The design was amended this year to a 2-person craft which provided additional challenges to the students in terms of design. The boats had to be made from a freely available, commonly-used cement, mortar or concrete. Lightweight aggregate could be used, and the binding agent had to be predominantly cementitious in composition. .

“It was a great success to reign victorious because UJ was the only team that received three medals, so with team work, perseverance and communication, great things can be achieved,” said Nkosinathi Mngadi, UJ Third Year Project Management student. .

Limited quantities of other materials were allowed, provided that they did not replace the binding action of the cement. The strength and stiffness of the boat had to be entirely due to the cementing action between hardened concrete or mortar and its reinforcement. Non-concrete parts were not allowed to contribute to the strength or structural integrity of the boat and could be removed at the judges’ discretion. .

A special award was presented to Mr Deon Kruger for being the most participative and supportive lecturer. .

The prize winners in the construction category are as follows: .

Student category: Construction Prize.

1st Prize: Boat: Mercurial vessel from Group 26 UJ Project Management 3B class
2nd Prize: Boat: U Boy from Group 16 UJ Project Management 3B class
3rd Prize: Boat: Stone Age from Group 17 UJ Project Management 3B class .

Student Race: .

1st Prize: Boat S10: Mercurial vessel from Group 26 UJ Project Management 3B class
2nd Prize: Boat: Boat Makorrocrete from UJ Project Management 3B class contact
3rd Prize: Boat: U Boy from Group 16 UJ Project Management 3B class contact .

Carnival Prize: .

Boat: U Boy from Group 16 UJ Project Management 3B class contact .

Concrete Boat Race

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