UJ Labour Agreement on the insourcing of Outsourced Services and the transfer of Workers to UJ

Date: Nov 8, 2015 | News






Joint UJ and Labour Memorandum of Agreement on the insourcing of Outsourced Services and the transfer of Workers to UJ


Management of the University of Johannesburg (UJ), NEHAWU and other representatives of outsourced workers at the University of Johannesburg met on Sunday, 8 November 2015, and having been briefed on the University’s intention to end all outsourcing arrangements at the earliest opportunity, agree as follows:



  1. That outsourced cleaning, protection and gardening services that are presently outsourced through external service providers will be insourced according to an agreed insourcing plan, and that workers currently performing these services are to be transferred through an agreement process to the University of Johannesburg.
  2. That the parties will participate constructively in the University’s Insourcing Task Team, whose task it is to urgently develop and agree on the insourcing plan, having considered all of the facts and remedial actions, including, but not limited to:
    1. Current contractual arrangements and obligations and how best to exit these;
    2. Minimum salaries and working conditions for affected workers;
    3. Change management programmes for workers to be insourced and current university employees in cleaning, protection and gardening services that will arise from the planned insourcing;
    4. How the insourcing plan will be funded; and,
    5. Transitional arrangements.
  3. That in order for the Task Team’s work to be constructive, the University will in good faith provide all of the information that will be essential for the Insourcing Task Team to complete its tasks.
  4. That the University’s protection services outsourcing contract has lapsed, and as a result the University will not enter into any new contract, except on a month-by-month interim basis until the insourcing plan is finalized.
  5. That the tasks of the Insourcing Task Team are extremely important, and that this must be accelerated and be completed by no later than end-February 2016.
  6. That the end-goal for the insourcing of service workers is to achieve decent work and a decent wage, and that insourcing must result in a significant improvement in the standard of living of the workers concerned.
  7. That outsourced services workers’ return to work on Tuesday, 10 November 2015, subject to workers not participating in protest activity, should not disrupt the normal operations of the University, and that all parties take collective leadership to achieve this.
  8. That the parties undertake to communicate actively to members this agreement.
  9. That the University Council is fully behind this plan.

SIGNED THIS DAY, 8 November 2015 at Johannesburg.

See signed copies below:

See signed copies below (or download the PDF version here​) :

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