Record number of graduates within a faculty

Date: Jul 19, 2012 | News

The Faculty of Science celebrated the record award of eighteen Doctoral degrees at the recent graduation ceremony of the Faculty.
The first PhD degree in our joint PhD programme in Chemistry, with the University of St Andrews in Scotland, was also awarded.
Professor David Cole-Hamilton of St Andrews University, who was a joint supervisor of this research project, was our distinguished guest. Other honoured guests were Professor Ashok Raichur from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, the top research institution in India, and Professor Vincent Savolainen from the Imperial College, London, consistently ranked among the top universities in the world. Both these distinguished gentlemen were closely involved in the supervision of two PhD graduates. Dr TH Dlamini, Executive Manager: Research and Development at Sasol Technology was the guest speaker at the ceremony.

BACK: Prof NJ Beukes, Department of Geology; Dr C Paradzayi, PhD graduate in Energy Studies; Dr ME Ojelede, PhD graduate in Environmental Management; Dr BM Guy, PhD graduate in Geology; Dr A Cullen, graduate PhD in Chemistry; Dr MM le Roux, PhD graduate in Botany; Dr T Kruger, PhD graduate in Aquatic Health; Prof DBG Williams, Visiting Professor, Department of Chemistry; Prof AM Raichur, Co-supervisor, Indian Institute of Science
MIDDLE: Prof BE van Wyk, Department of Botany; Prof V Savolainen, Imperial College London; Prof M van der Bank, Department of Botany; Prof CP Louwrens, Visiting Professor; Dr IA Ellefsen, PhD graduate in Computer Science; Dr JG Southey, PhD graduate in Mathematics; Dr CP Grobler, PhD graduate in Informatics; Dr K Yessoufou, PhD graduate in Botany; Dr MM Mahlambi, PhD graduate in Chemistry; Dr BC Chisonga, PhD graduate in Geology; Prof SH von Solms, Academy of Computer Science and Software Engineering; Prof B Mamba, Department of Applied Chemistry; Prof MS Bornman, University of Pretoria; Prof HJ Annegarn, Department of Geography, Environmental Management and Energy Studies; Prof D Cole-Hamilton, St Andrews University; Dr TH Dlamini, guest speaker, Executive Manager: Research and Development at Sasol Technology
FRONT: Dr WS Leung, PhD graduate in Computer Science; Dr T Hughes, PhD graduate in C​hemistry; Prof A Parekh, Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Academic, UJ; Prof RD Marcus, Chairperson, UJ Council; Prof IL Rensburg, Vice-Chancellor, UJ; Prof ME Muller, Registrar, UJ; Prof IC Burger, Dean, Faculty of Science, UJ; Dr MS Mokhadinyana, PhD graduate in Chemistry; Dr MG Tshivhase, PhD graduate in Chemistry
Dr WJ Desormeaux (in absentia) PhD graduate in Mathematics
Dr A Tolnai (in absentia) PhD graduate in Computer Science



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