UJ’s Lamplighting Ceremony honours new nursing students

UJ’s Lamplighting Ceremony honours new nursing students

Publishing Date: 1/23/2018 1:00 PM

Nursing students from the University of Johannesburg's (UJ) Health Science Department who are to embark on their nursing journey, took a pledge to serve humanity at their annual Lamp Lighting ceremony on Friday, 19 January 2018 held at the UJ Art Centre, Kingsway campus, Auckland Park.

The ceremony, attended by twenty-two (22) Baccalaureus Curationis (B Cur nursing) students, their parents, personnel, professional boards and industry members such as The Department of Health, Helen Joseph hospital, Rahima Moosa hospital, AKESO Psychiatric hospital, all gathered to welcome students to their chosen profession.

Dr Downing was the guest speaker of the ceremony and highlighted the essence of nursing which is caring. She indicated that caring is the personal moment of critical engagement where students need to serve in a respectful, engaging manner to the individual, the profession and the country.  Dr Downing also highlighted the challenges that the nursing profession is facing in our country. She encourage the students to go to work every day with the full intention of giving the best care to their patients and that they should measure their caring in moments, moments where they hold a hand, moments where they respond positively and most of  all that they need to create moments of caring.


National Nursing Pledge of the South African Nursing Council

The students were led by Mrs Nkosi to take the Nurses Oath Pledge:

"I solemnly  pledge  myself  to  the  service  of  humanity  and  will  endeavour   to practice  my  profession  with  conscience and  with  dignity,"  states the pledge taken by nursing graduates in  South Africa. 

"I will  maintain  by all  the  means  in  my power  the  honour   the  noble traditions  of  my profession. The  total health  of  my  patients  will  be my  first  consideration. I will  hold  in  confidence  all  personal matters  coming  to  my  knowledge. I will  not  permit  considerations  of religion, nationality, race  or social standing  to  intervene  between  my  duty and  my  patient.

"I will maintain the utmost respect for human life. I make these promises solemnly, freely and upon my honour."


Awards received:

Prestigious Awards in the Department of Nursing

Albertina Sisulu Award: Mrs H van der Westhuizen 

Henrietta Stockdale Award: Mr Z Xulu & Ms N Dinga 

Akeso Psychiatric Award: Mr Z Xulu   


Best Students in Nursing Specialty Award

Medical and Surgical Nursing Award: Mrs H van der Westhuizen 

Midwifery Award: Ms LG Hlophe 

Community Nursing  Science: Mrs H van der Westhuizen 

Excellence in Research: Ms NM Madela

Psychiatry Nursing Award: Ms ZM Nkuna

Nursing Dynamics: Ms T Simelane


UJ's Faculty of Health Sciences held its annual Lamp Lighting Ceremony for second year nursing students. Students performed the ceremony as a sincere gesture of gratitude for the honor of being able to pursue a nursing career and respect for the field they will enter.