The new Psychology student forum

The new Psychology student forum

Publishing Date: 4/20/2018 12:00 PM

The Psychology Student Forum is a forum that is intended to close the gap that often exists between a department and its students. It is a safe space created for students to address their anxieties with regards to the psychology degree, experiences with the department, and other issues that relates to their learning experience in general.

Among others, the intention is to:

1). Serve as a Student Body that will liaise with the department on the behalf of students,

2). To assist students in making decisions with regards to career options available in psychology and options they may qualify for beyond a BA,

3). To promote an overall positive, engaged balanced lifestyle for mostly Psychology students but not exclusively to them,

4). It is also a platform for students to socialize, make connections that promote decolonialised thinking and ways of generating knowledge—particularly in the field of Psychology. It is an inclusive society/forum that seeks to cater for students outside the realms of the classroom with the purpose of bettering their university experience.


Come and check us out! We're at the Psychology department front desk (Cring 4 APK campus)


Warmest Regards


Qhawe Agyapong Plaatjie


President of the Psychology Student Forum (middle in the picture)