Mphehlo Desiderata Tshegofatso (Biotechnology)

Mphehlo Desiderata Tshegofatso (Biotechnology)

Publishing Date: 3/20/2018 4:05 PM

How has UJ contributed to your growth in your career?

I went from fabricating excuses in every way possible on how things cannot be done to being a researcher (Scientist) that always finds a way to make things work no matter how 'impossible' or 'difficult' they may be.

What inspires you in your studies?

The unlimited support from my lecturers Like Dr Vuyo and Prof Green. Dr Vuyo has been the greatest  support through it all, even when I thought that I have reached a dead end but he continued to open my eyes to the numerous great possibilities my career can blossom into. Then Prof Green came along and he was literally the cherry on top. They both push me beyond my limit.

Quote: ''An Open book. An Open Mind. An Open Destiny.''