Humanities Dean's List and Prize Giving


Humanities Dean's List and Prize Giving

Publishing Date: 9/3/2018 12:00 AM

Dean's List and Prize-giving

The Faculty recently had two of its flagship events, the Dean's List and Prize-giving events. Both these events are unique to the faculty and show our commitment to recognise students in the faculty who perform well academically. This year marked the 8th Dean's List  and the 11thPrize-giving event. The Dean's List recognises top-achieving second-year, third-year and honours students and the Prize-giving is hosted in recognition of all cum laude and PhD graduates.

At the Dean's List event, Humanities alumni were invited for a panel discussion on the Humanities. The Dean Prof Alex Broadbent and Vice Dean Prof Kammila Naidoo hosted the discussion and put the following questions to them:

  • How did your Humanities degree help you in the world of work (and in your life)?
  • Often Humanities students do not recognise the particular skills that they acquire. What skills did you develop in the course of studying towards a BA (Humanities) degree?
  • What advice could you give students about what they could do with a Humanities degree in 2018 – in South Africa and beyond?

The discussion that followed gave students an opportunity to get an idea of what they can do with their degree as well as ask experts in their fields for career advice.  It started with a conversation around the skills Humanities students have and how valuable they are becoming in the modern workplace. The discussion also highlighted the importance of the Humanities in South Africa, given the difficulties facing our country. View a full discussion on YouTube.

At the annual Prize-giving Prof Keyan Tomaselli, Distinguished Professor in the faculty, gave the keynote address.  His address looked at the underestimated value of the Humanities as well as highlighting some recent developments in the field.  Please see his speech attached or click here for the video.

The Faculty will continue to lead the conversation around the value of a Humanities degree in 2018.