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Pierre Du Plessis

Associate Professor
Name: Pierre Du Plessis
Location: B Ring 425A / RS 235 Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
DELM Staff, Department of Education Leadership and Management, Faculty of Education  Staff Members

Contact Details:
Tel: +27 11 559 2683 / 5247


About Prof Pierre Du Plessis

Highest qualification


Degree: PhD
Institution: University of Pretoria
Title: The principal as change agent in managing school finances
Supervisor: Dr JJ Conradie

Research information

Current research interests

Education Law and Education Leadership

List of Publication (from 2009)

Pierre du Plessis. 2014. Corruption in Education. Stealing the future. Journal of Social Sciences. Vol 5 (23)

Pierre du Plessis, 2014. Freedom of Speech-Should speech that causes harm be free? Journal of Social Sciences Vol 5 (23)

Pierre du Plessis. 2013. Principal as Instructional Leader:Guiding schools to improve instruction. Education as Change 17 (Sup), P 79-92

Pierre du Plessis. 2013. Legislation and Policies: Progress towards the right to Inclusive Education. De Jure (46) 1, 76-92

Du Plessis, Pierre. 2011, Towards sustainable Open and Distance learning: Financing Quality Distance Education. South African Journal for Open and Distance Learning (Progressio)

Mncube, V, Harber, P,& du Plessis, P. 2011. Effective School Governing Bodies:Parent Involvement. Acta Academica 43 (3), 210-242

Pierre du Plessis. 2010. School safery-Who is accountable anyway? Journal of Educational Studies

Pierre du Plessis. 2010. Bullying in Schools. Can we turn the tide?Journal of Educational Studies

Pierre du Plessis, Majam, T. 2010. Mixed Method Research-A new Paradigm? Journal od Public Administration. Vol 45 (3)

Pierre du Plessis. 2009. Student diversity-Essential challenges for teaching and learning Journal of Educational Studies

Teaching information

Courses taught in the past


  • Professional Studies


  • PGCE
  • B-Ed (Hons)
  • Masters Coursework

Courses to be taught this year


  • Teaching Studies


  • PGCE
  • BEd (Hons)
  • Masters Coursework

Postgraduate students

Past students


Since 2005 thirty six Masters completed their Masters studies under my supervision


T E Mhlongo – Mentorship programmes for schools in Soweto
SNP Sishi – Negotiation of subjectivities in the curriculum and educational assessment Policy in South Africa
KSJ Mathe – Discipline, safety and security in schools: Challenge for school management

Current students


Annatjie Venter – Role of principal in school security
Pam Moodley – ICT in Classrooms
Phil Khumalo – Integrating ICT in schools
Susanne Strydom – Educational Law module: Impact on School security
Hugo van As – School safety-Role of the principal


Etienne Venter – School leaders-Still an Option
Johan Wiehann – Induction of new Principals
Magas Pather – Distributive Ladership in schools

Other information

  • Serve on the Executive Board of the Journal for Education as Change
  • Serve on the NRFpanel for Thutuka Funding
  • Serve as reviewer for several National and International Journals
  • External examiner for all Universities in South Africa as well as several international universities
  • Serve as Director of the Education Leadership Institute
  • Serve as Director on the Centre for Education Law and Policy
  • Wrote several books/chapters on Education Finance, Teaching and Learning in schools, and Education Law
  • Deliver keynotes at conferences
  • Organise many workshops, conferences and training sessions on Education Law, school finances and Education Leadership
  • Serve on several committees in the Faculty of Education and other universities