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Head of Department: Civil Engineering Science
Name: Megersa Olumana Dinka
Location: X2100 0r X2540 Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
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Contact Details:
Tel: 011 559 2540


About Prof Megersa Olumana Dinka


Prof. Megersa Olumana Dinka is a graduate with PhD from University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Science (Vienna) in 2010. He also did postdoctoral research from 2012 to 2014 at Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa. He has expert knowledge in water resource engineering discipline specific to hydrology, hydraulics and water management aspects. He has about 15 years of experience as academician and 19 years of experience as a researcher. He has taught various courses and modules at undergraduate and postgraduate levels successfully. Most of the courses he taught are related to hydrology, hydraulics and watershed (water) management aspects. Currently he is teaching Hydrology, Hydraulics and Water Treatment Technology Modules at University of Johannesburg. Moreover, he also supervised a number of postgraduate students (26 MSc and 3 PhD) successfully and still supervising a number of undergraduate and postgraduate students at University of Johannesburg. He has published a number of peer reviewed scientific articles and book chapters in accredited international journals and book publishers. He has reviewed a number of articles for various international journals.


PhD (Water Engineering), MSc (Irrigation Engineering), BSc (Agri. Engineering) (5 Years)

Research Interests:

Hydrology; Hydraulics; Hydrologic Modeling; Water Treatment, Remote Sensing and GIS; Irrigation Engineering; Watershed (or natural resources) Management; Climate change.

Special experience in Land-Use and Land-Cover (LUC) change detection; Prediction of hydrologic processes (Runoff, Erosion and Sediment Yield); lake water balance modeling; water supply and demand modelling; watershed delineation; water quality monitoring for irrigation and drinking purpose; Irrigation performance assessment (furrow and sprinkler irrigation systems); spatial mapping in GIS such as waterlogging, salinity and other soil and water quality parameters; impact of climate change on water resources.

Specific research areas

. Land-Use and Land-Cover (LULC) change detection;
. Water supply and demand management – water consumption pattern, water quality monitoring, analysis and modelling, optimization, water saving solutions
. Management of water supply infrastructures -loss (leakage/burst) minimization, smart technologies, design and modelling
. Prediction of hydrologic processes (Runoff, Erosion and Sediment Yield);
. Water balance modeling
. Watershed delineation
. Wetland management
. Water recycling and reuse
. River management
. Groundwater management
. Landfill leachets
. Water harvesting, store and use
. Water quality monitoring for irrigation and drinking purpose
. Irrigation performance assessment (furrow, drip and sprinkler irrigation systems)
. Spatial mapping in GIS such as waterlogging, salinity and other soil and water quality parameters.