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Temporary Research Professor
Name: Jan Dirk Kramers
Location: C1 Lab 421 Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
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Contact Details:
Tel: +27 (0)11 559 4755


About Prof Jan Dirk Kramers


Professor Jan Kramers is a geochemist who has, through his now 47 year post-doctoral career, pursued many aspects of radiogenic and stable isotope analyses and their application to geochronology as well as tracing geological processes and the origin of matter now present in rocks and the environment. His work has ranged from tiny inclusions in diamonds, which showed these to be billions of years older than the kimberlites in which they occur, to modelling of the origin and chemical evolution of the continental crust. His current main interests are (1) argon geochronology (with many projects involving cooperation nationally and internationally), (2) uranium-thorium-helium geochronology, which is particularly promising for the dating of fossil-bearing cave sediments, and (3), the carbonaceous stone “Hypatia” from the Western Desert of Egypt, which was shown to be extraterrestrial by its argon isotopes, and which may be the first object found on Earth to reflect the chemistry of interstellar space.

Selected recent publications:

  • Grantham, G.H., Kramers, J.D., Eglington, B. and Burger, E.P., 2019. The Ediacarian-Cambrian uplift history of western Dronning Maud Land : New 40Ar-39Ar and Sr/Nd data from Sverdrupfjella and Kirwanveggan, the source of the Urfjell Group and tectonic evolution of Dronning Maud Land within the Kuunga Orogeny and Gondwana.  Precambrian Research, 333, 105444. 24 pp.
  • Makhubela, T.V.,  Kramers, J.D.,  Scherler, D., Wittmann H., Dirks, P.H.G.M. and Winkler, S.R., 2019. Effects of long soil surface residence times on apparent cosmogenic nuclide denudation rates and burial ages in the Cradle of Humankind, South Africa. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 44, 2968-2981.
  • Cairncross, B., Kramers, J.D. and Villa, I.M., 2018. Unusual speleothem formation in the Thabazimbi mine cave, Limpopo Province, South Africa, and its chronology. South African Journal of Geology, 121, 261-279.
  • Belyanin, G.A., Kramers, J.D., Andreoli, M.A.G., Greco, F., Gucsik, A., Makhubela, T.V., Przybylowicz, W.J. and Wiedenbeck, M., 2018. Petrography of the carbonaceous, diamond-bearing stone ”Hypatia” from southwest Egypt: A contribution to the debate on its origin. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 223, 462–492.
  • Adeniyi, E.O., Ossa Ossa, F., Kramers, J.D., de Kock, M.O., Belyanin, G., Beukes, N.J., 2018. Cause and timing of the thermal over-maturation of hydrocarbon source rocks of the Ecca Group (Main Karoo Basin, South Africa). Marine and Petroleum Geology, 91, 480-500.
  • Kitt, S., Kisters, A., Buick, I. and Kramers, J., 2018. Structural, geochronological and P-T constraints on subduction-accretion processes in a Pan-African accretionary wedge – The Deep Level Southern Zone of the Damara Belt in Namibia. Precambrian Research, 310, 39-62.
  • Latypov, R., Chistyakova, S. and Kramers, J., 2017. Arguments against syn-magmatic sills in the Bushveld Complex, South Africa. South African Journal of Geology, 120, 565-574.
  • Kramers, J.D. and Dirks, P.H.G.M., 2017. The age of fossil StW573 (‘Little Foot’): Reply to comments by Stratford et al. (2017). South African Journal of Science, 113(7/8), Art. #a0222, 3 pp.
  • Glynn, S.M., Master, S., Wiedenbeck, M., Davis, D.W., Kramers, J.D., Belyanin, G.A Frei, D.and  Oberthür, Th., 2017. The Proterozoic Choma-Kalomo Block, SE Zambia: Exotic terrane or a reworked segment of the Zimbabwe Craton? Precambrian Research, 298, 421–438.
  • Makhubela, T.V., Kramers, J.D., Belyanin, G.A., Dirks, P.H.G.M. and Roberts, E.M., 2017. Proterozoic 40Ar/39Ar ages from cave deposits of the Malapa, Sterkfontein and Dinaledi fossil sites, Cradle of Humankind, South Africa. South African Journal of Geology, 120, 21-44.
  • Dirks, P.H.G.M., Roberts, E.M., Hilbert-Wolf, H., Kramers, J.D., Hawks, J., Dosseto, A., Duval, M., Elliott, M.,  Evans, M., Grün, R., Hellstrom, J., Herries, A.I.R., Joannes-Boyau, R., Makhubela, T.V., Placzek, C.J., Robbins, J., Carl Spandler, C., Wiersma, J., Woodhead, J., Berger, L.R., 2017. The age of Homo naledi and associated sediments in the Rising Star Cave, South Africa. eLife 2017;6:e24231. 59 pages.
  • Kramers, J.D. and Dirks, P.H.G.M., 2017. The age of fossil StW573 (‘Little Foot’): An alternative interpretation of 26Al/10Be burial data. South African Journal of Science, 113(3/4), Art. #2016-0085, 8 pages.
  • Nxumalo, V., Kramers, J.D., Mongwakedsi, N. and Przybylowicz, W.J., 2017. Micro-PIXE characterisation of uranium occurrence in the coal zones and the mudstones of the Springbok Flats Basin, South Africa. Nuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research, B , 404, 114–120.
  • Ossa Ossa, F., Hofmann, A., Vidal, O., Kramers, J.D., Belyanin, G. and Cavallazzi, B., 2016. Unusual manganese enrichment in the Mesoarchean Mozaan Group, Pongola Supergroup, South Africa. Precambrian Research, 281: 414–433.
  • Naydenov, K.V., Lehmann, J., Saalmann  K.,  Milani, L,. Poterai, J., Kinnaird, J. A., Charlesworth, G., Kramers, J.D., 2016. The geology of the Matala Dome: an important piece of the Pan‑African puzzle in Central Zambia. International Journal of Earth Sciences, 105: 695-712.
  • Avice, G., Meier, M.M.M., Marty, B., Rainer Wieler, R., Kramers, J.D., Langenhorst, F., Cartigny, P., Maden, C., Zimmermann, L., Andreoli, M.A.G., 2015. A comprehensive study of noble gases and nitrogen in “Hypatia”, a diamond-rich pebble from SW Egypt. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 432, 243–253.
  • Andreoli, M.A.G., Przybylowicz, W.J., Kramers, J., Belyanin, G.,  Westraadt, J., Bamford, M., Mesjasz-Przybylowicz, J.,  b, A. Venter, A., 2015. PIXE micro-mapping of minor elements in Hypatia, a diamond bearing carbonaceous stone from the Libyan Desert Glass area, Egypt: Inheritance from a cold molecular cloud? Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B, 363, 79-85.
  • Dirks, P.H.G.M.,  Berger, L.R.,  Roberts, E.M.,  Kramers, J.D., Hawks, J.,  Randolph-Quinney, P.S., et al., 2015. Geological and taphonomic context for the new hominin species Homo naledi from the Dinaledi Chamber, South Africa. eLIFE, 2015;4:e09561, 37pp.
  • Koegelenberg, C., Kisters, A.F.M., Kramers, J.D., Frei, D., 2015. U–Pb detrital zircon and 39Ar–40Ar muscovite ages from the eastern parts of the Karagwe-Ankole Belt: Tracking Paleoproterozoic basin formation and Mesoproterozoic crustal amalgamation along the western margin of the Tanzania Craton. Precambrian Research, 269, 147-161.
  • Hofmann, A., Kröner, A., Xie, H., Hegner, E., Belyanin, G., Kramers, J., Bolhar, R., Slabunov, A., Reinhardt, J., Horváth, P., 2015. The Nhlangano gneiss dome in south-west Swaziland – A record of crustal destabilization of the eastern Kaapvaal craton in the Neoarchaean. Precambrian Research, 258, 109-132.
  • Naydenov, K.V., Lehmann, J., Saalmann  K.,  Milani, L,. Poterai, J., Kinnaird, J. A., Charlesworth, G., Kramers, J.D., 2015. The geology of the Matala Dome: an important piece of the Pan African puzzle in Central Zambia. International Journal of Earth Sciences, 105, 695–712.
  • Vorster, C., Kramers, J., Beukes, N., van Niekerk, H., 2015. Detrital zircon U–Pb ages of the Palaeozoic Natal Group and Msikaba Formation, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa: provenance areas in context of Gondwana. Geological Magazine, 153, 460-486.

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