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Mr Aurobindo Ogra

Name: Aurobindo Ogra
Location: 6201, John Orr Building Doornfontein Campus
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Contact Details:
Tel: +27 (0) 11 559 6131


About Mr Aurobindo Ogra



Aurobindo Ogra joined University of Johannesburg in 2009 and lectures at Department of Town and Regional Planning, Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment. He is a Professional Planner (SACPLAN) and has 16 years of multidisciplinary international professional experience in urban sector from India and South Africa. He holds Bachelor of Construction Technology (2000), MTech in Urban & Regional Planning (2002) and Masters in Business Economics (2009), and is currently finishing his doctoral research in Engineering Management at University of Johannesburg. He is also trained in specialized programmes in urban sector from leading institutions in areas of: Urban & City Management (World Bank Institute), Strategic Approach to Urban Challenges (Central European University), Smart Cities – Management of Smart Urban Infrastructures (IGLUS, EPFL, Switzerland) and among other specializations. His key expertise and interest areas span across multidisciplinary domains of urban sector: Urban Infrastructure Planning and Development, Urban and Regional Planning, Urban Development and Management, Local Government, Metropolitan and City Regions, E-Governance, Geographic Information Systems, Spatial Analytics, and Smart Cities.

He is a recipient of Local Government & Public Service Reform Initiative (LGI) Fellowship, Open Society Institute, Hungary (2008). He also served as a Technical Task Team Member, Presidential Infrastructure Coordinating Commission (PICC), South Africa to provide strategic inputs in areas of SIP-6: Integrated Municipal Infrastructure Project, SIP 7: Integrated Urban Space and Public Transport Programme, and Innovative Building Technologies (IBT) during 2015-16. He is a member of various national and international professional bodies associated in urban sector and has actively contributed in invited forums, discussions, workshops and other industry engagements. He actively participates and contributes in academic and research engagements at national and international conferences, forums, workshops and regularly publishes in multidisciplinary thematic areas of urban sector. He served as a Scientific Chair for Planning Africa Conference during 2014 and 2016 and spearheaded the process and publication of peer reviewed conference proceedings. He has featured on South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC News) South Africa, on a conversation on rapid urbanization and challenges in Johannesburg (March and July, 2016).

He is presently the Programme Coordinator for Masters in Sustainable Urban Planning and Development (MSUPD) offered by Department of Town and Regional Planning at University of Johannesburg. His current teaching responsibilities at postgraduate and undergraduate level include:

Postgraduate Level:
Sustainable Urban Infrastructure and Smart Cities Development (SUSC019)
Masters Research Supervision (Cross-Disciplinary Research)

Undergraduate Level:
Management for Planners (TPM431)
Urban Renewal / Project Work-C (EL3872C)
Planning Design: Introduction to Planning Survey (PLSTRB1)
Undergraduate Research Project Supervision (TRP406)


PhD Candidate (eGovernance); Masters (Urban and Regional Planning); Masters (Business Economics); BTech (Construction Technology)

Research Interests

Infrastructure Planning & Development; Urban & Regional Planning; Urban Development & Management; Municipal/ Urban Governance, Sustainable Infrastructure, Tourism Studies; Geographic Information System (GIS); Spatial Planning; Metropolitan Planning; e-Governance; Smart Cities, Industrial Parks, Project Development & Management; Capacity Building, Innovative Building Technologies



• Ogra A. (2019). ‘Planning for Waste Management in Africa’, Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group (ongoing research, scheduled for publication in 2019).

Book Chapters

• Ogra A. (2014). ‘Tourism Web Analytics – A Case Study of Garhwal and Kumaon Regions of Uttarakhand, India’, in “Tourism and Hospitality Industry: Modern State, Problems and Perspectives”, edited by S.K Gupta and N Aggarwal, Aman Publications, India; ISBN 978-81-8204-083-0.

• Ogra A., and Kundu D. (2011). ‘Local Taxation of Informal Economies – A Case Study of Two Indian States’, in ‘Local Taxation of Informal Economies’, Edited by: Nick Devas, Open Society Foundations, Hungary, ISBN: 978-963-9719-23-1.

• Ogra A., and Thwala WD. (2011). ‘Comparative Analysis of eGovernance Service Delivery Maturity Levels of Select Metropolitan Municipalities of South Africa and India’ in ‘Reinventing Public Management and Development in Emerging Economies’, Edited by : PA Sigamani and NU Khan, ISBN: 978-0230-33272-7.

• Ogra A., and Thwala WD. (2011). ‘Extent of e-Governance Service Delivery System of Metropolitan Cities of South Africa’, in ‘Reinventing Public Management and Development in Emerging Economies’, Edited by : PA Sigamani and NU Khan, ISBN: 978-0230-33272-7.

Journal Articles

• Joseph M.K., and Ogra A. (2013). ‘ICT Reforms and Citizens Delivery – Lessons from Municipal ICT Applications’, Communications of Global Information Technology (COGIT), Vol.5, 2013, Article-3, ISSN 1947-4822.

• Ogra A., and Singh S. (2011). ‘Where Citizens Come First – Case Study from South Africa’, Geospatial World, Vol.01, Issue 09, Apr. 2011, pp 48-50.

Conference Proceedings/ Presentations

• Iloh P., Fanourakis, G., and Ogra A. (2017). ‘Characterisation of Five Different South African Waste Foundry Sands to Determine their Suitability for Use in Concrete’, selected for publication in the conference proceedings of 9th International Conference on Advances in Science, Engineering, Technology and Waste Management (ASETWM-17), Nov. 27-28, 2017 Parys (South Africa).

• Ndebele R., Aigbavboa C., and Ogra A. (2017). ‘Public Private Partnerships (PPPs): An Effective and Legitimate Finance Model for TOD in South Africa’, published in the conference proceedings of the International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management Rabat, Morocco, April 11-13, 2017, ISBN: 978-1-5108-4262-5

• Kgatjepe K., and Ogra A. (2016). ‘Sustainable Transport for Urban Poor: A Case of Johannesburg’, published in the conference proceedings of 7th Planning Africa Conference 2016, 4-6 July, 2016, Johannesburg, ISBN: 978-0-620-69628-9

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• Ogra A., and Ndebele R. (2014). ‘The Role of 6Ds: Density, Diversity, Design, Destination, Distance, and Demand Management in Transit Oriented Development (TOD), published in a peer reviewed conference proceedings of Neo-International Conference on Habitable Environment, ISBN: 978-1-63415-470-3), Punjab, India.

• Ndebele R., and Ogra A. (2014). ‘A Place-Based Approach to Spatial Transformation – A Case Study of Transit Oriented Development (TOD), Johannesburg’, Planning Africa 2014 (publication in a peer reviewed proceeding with ISBN)

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