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Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Name: Larry Onyango
Location: 69 Kingsway Ave, Auckland Park, Johannesburg, 2092 Johannesburg Business School Johannesburg Business School
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Tel: 011 559 1877


About Dr Larry Onyango

Dr Calory Larr Onyango is a post-doctoral fellow at the DSI/NRF Trilateral Research Chair in Transformative Innovation, the 4IR and Sustainable Development in the College of Business and Economics at the University of Johannesburg. His current research interests are digitalisation and the informal economy, Household Innovation (HHI), and philosophy of technology. Larry completed a paper on digitalisation and informality among small scale business enterprises in Johannesburg, South Africa, which is in the process of being submitted to a journal. Additionally, he has submitted a paper on Household innovation and entrepreneurship in South Africa’s townships, which is currently under review.  Lastly, Larry completed a paper on mobile phones as a tool for civic participation in South Africa’s informal settlements, which is in the process of being submitted to the African Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities Research (AJSSHR).

Dr Larry has extensive knowledge of South Africa’s townships and informal settlements, gained through carrying out research, and having lived in one.  He understands the daily dynamics and settings of South African squatter camps. His PhD was on mobile phone adoption and usage, in which he analysed the social, cultural and economic factors affecting mobile phone adoption and use in Gauteng’s informal settlements, using Thembalihle as a case study. His Masters dissertation also focused on informal settlements, in which urban and peri-urban agriculture as a poverty alleviation strategy among low-income households was examined, using Orange Farm in South Johannesburg as a case study. Dr Larry currently works on several projects in the Chair including the IAA project which is carrying out a landscape mapping of innovation agencies in Africa, The URC funded Household innovation, digital technologies and the youth project, and the Innovation capabilities and human capabilities using e-Kasi labs as a case study project.


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