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Emmanuel Rowlands

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow (SARCHI Chair)
Name: Emmanuel Rowlands
Location: Johannesburg Business School (JBS), 4th Floor Johannesburg Business School
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Contact Details:
Tel: 011 559 1923


About Dr. Emmanuel Rowlands

​Emmanuel, a postdoctoral research fellow with a doctorate in Sociology from UJ, joined the SARChI Chair Welfare and development and the CSDA in 2021. His research interests are in gender-based violence and masculinities. He has particular interest in the wellbeing of vulnerable groups and all types of victims in the community. In 2018, he worked with the Clinical Forensic Medicine team in Hillbrow, where he served as a volunteer providing psychosocial support to domestic violence victims and sexual assault survivors. Emmanuel, is skilled in the use of qualitative approach to empirically give a voices to neglected groups. His recent involvement has been on a quantitative project (Community of Practice) which looks at innovative solutions for better child wellbeing outcomes in poor socioeconomic communities. His interest in the project is to explore the relationships between violence against children and wellbeing. His involvement with victim centred projects has further stimulated his interest in the mobilisation of sociological theories to our understandings of the dynamics of gender-based violence and for the development of resilient preventive and intervention strategies to address gender-based insecurity