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Name: Sarita Ramsaroop
Location: GNA 223, Robert Sobukwe Building Soweto Campus
Department of Childhood Education, Faculty of Education, Staff  Staff Members

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Tel: +27 11 559 5448


About Prof Sarita Ramsaroop

Sarita Ramsaroop is an Associate Professor in the Department of Childhood Education at the Faculty of Education, University of Johannesburg. She is also Head of the Department of Childhood Education. Her teaching and scholarship in higher education is in teacher education. Her main research focuses on student engagement in coursework and fieldwork, specifically in interrogating the role of schools in bridging the divide between student teachers learning in coursework and fieldwork and strengthening mentoring and school-university partnerships. A second area of expertise is teaching Social Sciences in the primary school (History and Geography). She is currently involved in research projects investigating the role of partner schools in the education of student-teachers, project-based learning and mixed-reality research. Internationally, she is involved in collaborative research projects with the University of Helsinki. She has published at the national and international levels, and also serves as a supervisor for postgraduate students.

Recent publications

Ramsaroop, S., & Gravett, S. (2017). The potential of teaching schools in enabling student teacher learning for the teaching profession. Journal of Curriculum Studies, 2017. ISSN: 0022-0272 (Print) 1366-5839 (Online).  Journal homepage:

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Petersen, N., Rademeyer, V. & Ramsaroop, S. (2020). Building Academic Support in Preservice Teacher Education Using Peer Tutors: An Educational Action Research Project. Educational Research for Social Change, 10(2), 32-46. 4070/2020/v9i2a3

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Van der Haar, H., Ramsaroop, S & Petersen, N. (2022). Differentiating between experience and expertise in mentoring student teachers. South African Journal of Education.

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