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Dr P Thomas

Senior Lecturer
Name: P Thomas
Location: D Ring 515 Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
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Contact Details:
Tel: +27 (0)11 559 1325


About Dr P Thomas


Strategic Business Management – general context

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Strategic Business management – tourism context

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Southern African Institute of Management Scientists (SAIMS) 2019, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

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International Business Conference (IBC) 2019, Hermanus, South Africa

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Southern African Transport Conference 2019, Pretoria, CSIR, South Africa

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Southern African Transport Conference 2018, Pretoria, CSIR, South Africa

  • Radebe, M.S., Nabee, S. & Thomas, P. (2018). 3D printing impacts on South African third-party logistic service providers. Southern African Transport Conference (SATC) proceedings, 9-12 July 2018, Pretoria, South Africa. ISBN Number: 978-1-920017-89-7

International Business Conference (IBC) 2018, Mauritius

  • Ramodike-Thovhakale, M. & Thomas, P. (2018). The state of communication between management levels in a municipality. International Business Conference (IBC) proceedings, 22-26 September 2018, Mauritius. ISBN. 978-0-6399779-0-4.
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Southern African Institute of Management Scientists (SAIMS) 2018, Stellenbosch, South Africa

  • Gwaza, A. & Thomas, P. Exploring the internal service quality of a South African corporate bank. ISSN: 1019-567X.

World Organisation of Systems and Cybernetics 2014, Ibague, Columbia (double blind peer review).

  • Exploring the role of human resources in the value created from business event attendance (sole author)
  • Exploring the methodology to maximise the potential of intangible returns on business events (sole author)
  • Using VSM (Viable Systems Modelling) to understand the place of business events in organisational performance (sole author)

SAIMS Vaal River Hotel 2014, Gauteng, South Africa

  • Career management practice in the Gauteng Department of Health: A case study. Mathebula, A. & Thomas, P.
  • Evaluating the influence of high value, low impact tourism strategies on the behaviour of international travellers to Bhutan. Dorji, U. & Thomas, P.

SAIMS 2013, Potchefstroom, South Africa

  • Exploring the methodology for evaluating intangible value created at business events. Thomas, P.

Pan-Pacific Conference 2013, Johannesburg, South Africa

  • The development of an organisation’s knowledge through business events: The value of event organisers and the organisation in design. Thomas, P.

International Conference 2011, University of the Algarve, Portugal

  • National tourism strategy (South Africa) and the flow of benefits both tangible and intangible to South Africa from FIFA 2010. Thomas, P. & Slabbert, E.

2020 completed

  • South African bank CSR initiatives through NPOs to recipient communities. Penn, V.C. (Co-promoter: Goldman, G.)

2019 completed

  • Organisational Commitment in the Hospitality Sector. Molose, T. (Co-promoter: Goldman, G.)
  • The potential for geotourism at the Kruger National Park for social sustainability. Matshusa, K. (Co-promoter: Leonard, L.)

2021 Underway

  • Technology Driven Demand in Business. Stone, P. (Promoter G. Goldman; co-promoter P. Thomas)
  • The role of indigenous knowledge systems in SME sustainable business practices. Manyaga, B. (Promoter P Thomas; Co-promotor G. Goldman)
  • Exploring South African cybercrime management. Toontas, C. (Promoter P Thomas; Co-promotor V. Kalitanya (Dr Kalitanya is being mentored by Dr Thomas)
  • Evaluating the Adoption of e-Banking Services by SMEs in the Common Monetary Area. Moss, G. (Promoter P Thomas)
  • Exploring the role of market-places in the economic sustainability of SMMEs. Moagi, T. (Promoter P Thomas; Co-promotor C. Mara (Dr Mara is being mentored by Dr Thomas)
  • Developing a Visitor Satisfaction Index for National Parks. Deen, A. (Promoter R. Nunkoo; co-promoter P. Thomas)
  • Entrepreneurial ecosystems of SMEs in Gabon and South Africa’s national parks. Beyeme, R.N. (Promoter P Thomas; Co-promotor C.Schachtebeck).



Master’s by research, Department of Business Management and School of Tourism and Hospitality, University of Johannesburg

Double external blind examiner process

2021 Underway

  • Mindfulness as a characteristic of servant leadership for strategic management. Shongwe, B. (Supervisor P Thomas).



  • Accessibility support for tourists with physical disabilities in Gauteng. Malabi, K. (Co-supervisor: Rogerson, C.M.)
  • Assessing an NPO’s strategy for sustainability. Majola, M. With distinction.
  • A gap analysis of NPO resource utilisation in a community literacy project. Mitchley, N.K. With distinction


  • Motivations and challenges of developing women’s football through local sport events. Ngubeni, M.P. (Co-supervisor: Tichaawa, T.)
  • The potential of Akanda National Park for tourism development in Gabon. Beyeme, R.


  • Promoting Zimbabwe tourism through business events. Shoriwa, Y.
  • Employability attributes for tourism management graduates: The perspective of tour operators in Gauteng. Razack, F. (Co-supervisor: Spowart, J.)


  • Evaluating the service profit chain concept in a South African hotel group. Barnard, B.
  • Citizencentred constituency in conservation: the potential value of volunteerism for the Kruger National Park. Shabalala, P.

Master of Commerce Business Management (minor dissertation)


  • The role of big data in decision making in a South African bank. Waide, E.A.


  • The value of STEM high school intervention. Nene, S.


  • Sustainability practices by Transkei Guest Houses. Mbenenge, M.F.
  • Perceptions of military personnel regarding workplace disruptions in the fourth industrial revolution. Miles, E.M.
  • Perceptions of business ethics compliance in a public entity. Phillips, B.E.


  • Exploring employee brand loyalty in a South African bancassurance company. Lally, L.
  • The state of communication between management levels in a municipality. Ramodike-Thovhakale, M.
  • Millennials’ perceptions of skills transfer in a South African retail bank. Ndadza, P.M.


  • The alignment of sick leave human resource practice and policy in the mining industry. Serfontein, E.
  • Service quality in the South African Corporate Banking. Gwaza, A.


  • The effectiveness of local economic development programmes in Ekurhuleni metropolitan municipality. Maboagane, B.G.
  • The benefits of a health and wellness strategy in a corporate environment. Mphahlele, A.


  • The value of adopting e-business systems for a steel manufacturing wholesaler. Sieberhagen, M.
  • The suitability of mass customisation for South African clothing manufacturers. Aoun, M.


  • Establishing a Sustainable Early Childhood Development Centre in Orange Farm. Tladi, K.
  • Developing the capacity management capabilities for a South African bank’s information technology shop. Duma, N.
  • Bank employee engagement with communities in CSR initiatives: A case study. Penn, V.C.


  • The importance of knowledge sharing in increasing revenue collection in SARS. Sekane, H. (Supervisor, co-supervisor mentoring from IKM). Distinction.
  • The value of career management practices in the Gauteng department of health. Mathebula, A.

A South African retail bank readiness for knowledge management