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Name: Njabulo Kambule
Location: D2 Lab 334G Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
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Tel: +27 (0) 11 559 4423


About Dr Njabulo Kambule


Dr. Njabulo Kambule is a professional in the discipline of Energy politics. In the past decade he has worked on a variety of energy and climate change related projects, both in private and academic sector. He is the current deputy director of the Centre for Cyber Physical Food, Energy, & Water Systems (CCP-FEWS) at the University of Johannesburg, whos focus is to inter alia develop policy frameworks for technologies around the three aforementioned resources. He possesses a Doctoral qualification in the energy discipline; with specific research interests on modern energy technology absorption by society and the effects associated with the phenomenon (i.e. socio-economic, regulatory, political, and environmental). He serves as a guest editor for the Sustainability journal: Special Issue – Energy Transition Amidst Anthropogenic Activities: Implications for Environmental Sustainability – Promotion Plan . He is a research supervisor and lecturer for Energy Policy Formulation (EPF) and International, Geographical, and Political aspects of Energy ((IGPE) at UJ (2016 to present). He has published several peer reviewed articles and is the primary author of a book (2021) entitled: The deployment of Prepaid Electricity Meters in sub-Saharan Africa: Riding the Fourth Industrial Wave.


Scopus Author ID: 57200515945


Research interests         

Socio-political aspects of energy; Energy Poverty; Energy Policy formulation and Implementation; Just Energy Transition; Prepaid electricity Meters; Household Energy Economy; Energy Efficiency

Articles in Refereed and Accredited Journals

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Kambule, N., Yessoufou, K., Nwulu, N. 2021: Formulating best practice recommendations for prepaid electricity meter deployment in Soweto, South Africa – Capitalising on the Developed-world’s experience. Journal of Public Affairs: doi:10.1002/pa.2646

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Kambule, N. & Nwulu, N. 2021. The deployment of prepaid electricity Meters in Sub-Saharan Africa: Riding the Fourth Wave. ISBN 978-3-030-71217-4. Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering: Springer International Publishing. Under press (hard copy date: 23 May 2021).



Peter, S., Kambule, N., Tangwe, S. & Yessoufou, K. 2021: Qualitative approach in improving the market penetration and justifying the potential viability of solar water heaters for sanitary water heating in Dimbaza in South Africa. AIUE Proceedings of the 2nd Energy and Human Habitat Conference.