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Dr Neil Levy

Name: Neil Levy
Location: B-Ring 616 APK K green 4 APB Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
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Tel: 011 559 4571


About Dr Neil Levy

Qualifications: Short learning program, Postgraduate Research Supervision,University of Johannesburg, October 2020 Short learning program,Supervision of Qualitative Research design,University of Johannesburg, March 2020 Academic Qualifications, PhD, da Vinci Institute, 2012 MBA in Strategic Marketing, Hull University, 2000 Chartered Marketer, Marketing Association, South Africa. Overview/bio: Name: Dr Neil Levy (Lecturer) in (Strategic Communication). I am an academic lecturer specializing in strategic communication and marketing and workplace bullying. My teaching philosophy is based on second-order cybernetics which is observing yourself as a consumer of brands. I specialize in teaching students on undergraduate education and enjoy interacting with students at all levels. I regularly attend university workshops on teaching and learning and interacting with students from undergraduate to the master’s levels. I focus on continuing professional education for updating my skills. Research Interests: Workplace bullying, communication, marketing Achievements: 2012 Doctor of Philosophy Journal publications: Publications: Chasi, C., & Levy, N. (2016). Mandela and excellent African leadership: Theory and lessons for practice from an appreciative thematic analysis. International Journal Of African Renaissance Studies, 11(2), 8-23. doi:10.1080/18186874.2016.1245906 Conference participation (in the last 5 years): Conferences presented at: SACOMM South African Communication Association (August 2019), Implications of agile leadership in tertiary education. SACOMM South African Communications Association (October 2014), ‘Nelson Mandela: Lessons in leadership’ Contact details: Tel: 011 559 4571 Email: