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Christophe Ballouard

Dr Christophe Ballouard
Name: Christophe Ballouard
Location: C1 Lab 441 Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
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About Dr Christophe Ballouard

Christophe Ballouard is a post-doctoral researcher currently based at the University of Johannesburg. He completed his PhD at the University of Rennes 1 (France) in December 2017.

His research interests include the petrogenesis of granites and the formation of granite-related ore deposits. His PhD thesis was focused on the origin and evolution of peraluminous leucogranites from the European Variscan belt and the implication on uranium metallogeny. His main research project at the University of Johannesburg concerns the origin of rare element (lithium and rare earth elements subclass) pegmatites from the Mesoproterozoic Namaqualand metamorphic province (South Africa).

His main skills are: field geology, mineral and whole rock major and trace elements geochemistry, U-Pb geochronology, stable (O) and radiogenic (Sm-Nd, Rb-Sr) isotope geochemistry, apatite fission tracks dating and fluid inclusion analyses.


Publications in peer-reviewed journals:

Ballouard, C., Poujol, M., Mercadier, J., Deloule, E., Boulvais, P., Baele, J.M., Cuney, M., Cathelineau, M., 2017c. Uranium metallogenesis of the peraluminous leucogranite from the Pontivy-Rostrenen magmatic complex (French Armorican Variscan belt): the result of long-term oxidized hydrothermal alteration during strike-slip deformation. Miner. Deposita 1–28. doi:10.1007/s00126-017-0761-5

Ballouard, C., Poujol, M., Boulvais, P., Zeh, A., 2017b. Crustal recycling and juvenile addition during lithospheric wrenching: The Pontivy-Rostrenen magmatic complex, Armorican Massif (France), Variscan belt. Gondwana Res. 49, 222–247. doi:10.1016/

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Ballouard, C., Branquet, Y., Tartèse, R., Poujol, M., Boulvais, P., Vigneresse, J.-L., 2016b. Nb-Ta fractionation in peraluminous granites: A marker of the magmatic-hydrothermal transition: REPLY. Geology 44, e395–e395. doi:10.1130/G38169Y.1

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Ballouard, C., Boulvais, P., Poujol, M., Gapais, D., Yamato, P., Tartèse, R., Cuney, M., 2015. Tectonic record, magmatic history and hydrothermal alteration in the Hercynian Guérande leucogranite, Armorican Massif, France. Lithos 220–223, 1–22. doi:10.1016/j.lithos.2015.01.027