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Name: Berhanu Dendena
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About Dr Berhanu Dendena

Dr Berhanu Dendena Sona got his BA degree in Language and Literature Studies and his MA degree in Psychology (Special Needs Education) both from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia. He received his PhD from the University of the South Africa in October 2018. He completed his PhD in Educational Psychology. His research focused on educating early grade learners via Cognitive Foundation of Learning. He investigated how learners learn and how teachers can help them to learn effectively. He also indicated how to overcome learning and cognitive difficulties and how teachers can be prepared to this purpose. He has worked as a lecturer, researcher and research advisor for undergraduate and postgraduate students in the department of Special Needs and Inclusive Education and department of psychology under the Institute of Educational and Behavioural Sciences at Dilla University, Ethiopia. He received his Global Excellence Postdoctoral Fellowship Award from the University of Johannesburg in October 2019. His Postdoctoral Fellowship research is focused on Educational and psychological supports for students who are at the risk of learning as well as to their caregivers and teachers. The fellowship has been awarded to support his research in the Department of Educational psychology within the Faculty of Education. His specialization focuses learning, cognition, instruction, and Development. He is also interested in Inclusive Education, Rehabilitation Counselling, Learning Difficulties, Emotional and Behavioral Disorder, Intellectual Limitation, and Autism. He has published articles on international journals and presented at national and international conferences.