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Dr Ali Hasan

Senior Lecturer
Name: Ahmed Ali
Location: 5138 Doornfontein Campus
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology Staff, FEBE Senior Lecturers  Staff Members

Contact Details:
Tel: 0115593683


About Dr Ahmed Ali


Dr Ali Hasan completed his PhD in electrical engineering science from university of Johannesburg in the year 2014. His research work focuses –but not limited to- on power and energy usage optimization, renewable energy and power and energy efficiency and also Artificial Intelligence algorithms (pattern recognition and classification), he has papers published in several reputable IEEE conferences in Artificial intelligence applications, and energy usage optimization and management also in Demand side management (DSM) in mining industry. Dr Hasan have a M-Eng. (Masters) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering/Energy management with distinction from North West university.

D Eng. Electrical and Electronic Engineering Science

Research Interests
Artificial Intelligence and Applications, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Power Systems