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Cedric Djeutchou

PhD student
Name: Cedric Djeutchou
Location: C1 Lab 447 Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
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Contact Details:
Tel: +27 (0)11 559 4737


About Cedric Djeutchou

​Research interests

My research is focused on dolerite dykes which usually represent the magmatic feeders to Large Igneous Provinces (LIPs). These LIPs can usually be found to be associated with the breakup of continents, crucial changes in climate and many major types of ore deposits. To study how, when and where these LIPs formed is crucial in understanding continental arrangements, especially in the pre-Pangaea world. My focus is on the ~1.8 Ga Black Hills magmatic event in the Kaapvaal Craton, in South Africa.

I am interested in:

  • Global compilations (paleomag, geochron and geochem) of Large Igneous Provinces and their plumbing systems
  • Reconstructions of Precambrian supercontinents
  • LIPs and ore deposit resource exploration
  • U-Pb geochronology