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Search for an article or journal

Searching the databases for ARTICLES

  • Go to the library web site
  • Select DatabasesUse the subject filter or alphabetical filter to assist you with your
  • selection.
  • To access databases you will needyour UJ email address and password.
  • Select the required databases to start your search.
  • The databases have Basic and Advanced search screen options
  • NOTE: Each database can be searched with the help of
  • In the Search/Find box, type the terms/keywords representing your topic
  • You can combine your keywords with the Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT)to narrow
  • or broaden your search. For guidance on
  • using Boolean Operations, go to BooleanOperators
  • Additional limitations, which can narrow your search results, are:
    full-text articles only,
  • time frame, type of documents(scholarly
  • journals; magazines, books, dissertations), etc.
  • If no results are displayed, check your spelling, change your keywords, use fewer
  • keywords, add a keyword or use a synonym for the keyword.
  • Once you have the results list, you can re-arrange them for example according to the most
  • relevant or recent articles.
  • If the results are available in full-text, a number of options are available to view them: Full
  • Text, Text & Graphics or PDF formats.
  • Choose PDF if you want to print.
  • SELECT the records you would like to access
  • If only the Abstract of the article is available, then search the UJLink (Library Catalogue)
  • or check against the A-to-Z journal list for full-text availability.


  • Go to the library web site
  • Select A-to-Z journal list
  • Type the required journal title and select Search
  • If the journal is available in full-text, the available access options will be displayed.
  • If available electronically, click on the journal title hyperlink. Then select the required volume,
  • issue and page to download or print the article.
  • If available in print, click on the “search” button to display the location and shelf number.