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UJ Grant Life Cycle

UJ Research Navigator

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1. Pre-proposal and ideas stage.

2. Funding

3. Registration

4. Proposal writing

5. Doing Research

6. Publishing your research

7. Increase visibility and track the impact of your research

8. Library training


With the ever-increasing volume of information, it can be challenging to navigate the different sources of research available to you. The UJ library Research Navigator provides useful information that is needed when undertaking research. Our hope is that the UJ library Research Navigator will be a helpful road map as you navigate the research landscape. We have used the analogy of a navigator, taking you to eight destination points. Each destination represents an important stage of the research cycle. The UJ library Research Navigator is designed to help you with the research process, from identifying a topic to publishing your research. It serves as an ideal starting point for your research and offers guidance on the relevant resources for your research journey.