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The University policy requires non-English speakers to sit for the internationally recognised English language competency test called IELTS (International English Language Testing System). The required minimum admission score is 6 for undergraduate and 7 for post-graduate studies. The IELTS Website address is: An admitted applicant is required to submit IELTS results for registration at the university.

TOEFL (overall 60–68) which is equivalent to the IELTS 6 for undergraduate studies)

English as an entrance requirement

Good English reading and writing skills, as well as an above-average understanding of the language, is required of international students interested in pursuing their studies at the University of Johannesburg. Therefore English language proficiency as an additional admission requirement is applicable to all prospective foreign students who wish to follow a formal programme or course (regardless of the level) at the University of Johannesburg.

Facilities to learn English for academic purposes​

UJELP was initiated by the Division For Internationalisation and the Academic Development Centre of the University of Johannesburg, in response to the severity of the language problems faced by international students both upon registration and during their studies. The programme was intended to improve the students’ English language and academic literacies skills. It consists of a placement test and a language teaching module delivered through direct instruction.

The language course may be completed over a period of nine months or thirty-six weeks; that is, six weeks per level, depending on each particular student’s learning pace. Please be advised that the UJ English Language Programme must be completed prior to registration starting at UJ. A certified copy of the test results should be submitted to the relevant faculty.

Ms. Jo-Anne Mooney

UJELP Coordinator

Telephone: 011 559 3488




IELTS test

University policy requires that foreign, non-English speaking applicants sit for the internationally recognised English language competency test called IELTS (International English Language Testing System).

English as official language

If English is one of the official languages in your country of residence and you are therefore a first- or second-language English speaker, it will not be necessary to sit for this English test. However, you would need to submit proof of your English competency to the University when applying. Only submitted proof of one of the following results will be considered for exemption:

1. Cambridge matric. This includes A level (at least symbol E) & O level English (symbol: A, B or C); OR
2. HIGSE English – (symbol:1, 2 or 3); OR
3. International Baccalaureate – (symbol: 5, 6 or 7); OR
4. AS level (symbol: A, B or C). This type is mainly used in private schools, which is a combination of the Cambridge matric systems, OR
5. SA grade 12 school leaving certificate (1st language pass at least symbol D (HG); 2nd language pass symbol, at least symbol C (HG))

Where English is not an official language

If English is not an official language in your country you need to sit for the IELTS test. You are responsible for making an appointment for taking this test and for the costs thereof. A certified copy of the results must be submitted with the application form and other required documents when you apply to the University. The admission score is 6 for undergraduates and 7 for postgraduates (9 being the highest). This test is only valid for two years.

Where to enquire to write the IELTS test

The IELTS test is administered by the British Council or the IDP Education Australia, depending on the country. They have centres all over the world where you may take this test. For more details and to make an appointment, please visit their website:

Centres in Johannesburg

1. British Council

Their contact details are as follows:
Physical address:
Ground Floor, Forum 1
Braam Park, 33 Hoofd Street

Tel:   +27 (0)11 718-4300  +27 (0)11 718-4300 or 0860 001-2233
Fax: +27 (0)11 718-4400 

2. Language Lab

If you can not get an appointment with the British Council you may also contact the Language Lab in Johannesburg. This is also a centre for writing the IELTS exams and they have been appointed by the IDP Education Australia to administer the test on their behalf.


4th Floor – Aspern House
54 De Korte Street

Who is exempt from this requirement?

Only in highly exceptional cases may the relevant dean of a faculty exempt a Masters' or Doctoral candidate from this requirement.

Afrikaans speaking applicants are exempt from this condition if applying for studies at the APK campus and not any other UJ-campus.

Exchange students

The University reserves the right to require any student on an exchange at the University of Johannesburg to be assessed for English language proficiency. Students who may require additional language skills will be assisted by the Learning Centre on the APK Campus.


Please note that the University does not accept the TOEFL-test currently. This regulation could change in the future.