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The University of Johannesburg (UJ) is eligible to participate in the William D. Ford Direct Loan Program. The program allows a student to apply for a subsidized loan, unsubsidized loan, Graduate Plus Loan or a Parent Plus Loan. Any citizen, permanent resident or eligible non-citizen of the US can apply for aid. Direct loan funds can only be used by the registered student for study costs. You may apply for aid in eight of UJ’s faculties. This excludes Health Sciences.

Loan Counselling

Entrance Counselling

The Entrance Counselling Session is compulsory for all new UJ FSA borrowers.  This is an online session and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.  It is important that the borrower is well aware of what it means to obtain Financial Aid and how this decision will affect their lives and future. UJ cannot process your first disbursement without a report confirming the completion of the Entrance Counselling session. Parents applying for a Parent Plus Loan are not required to complete the session.

Exit Counselling

The Exit Counselling Session is compulsory on the completion or deregistration of studies from the University.  The session assists the borrower to understand what is expected of them with regards to their Direct Loan.  The borrower is counselled and guided on how the debt can be managed and what options are available if there are difficulties in repaying the debt.  

Satisfactory Academic Progress

All students are allowed 150% of the standard duration to complete their program of registration while receiving Federal Aid. In order to receive the second disbursement of your loan you have to submit a progress report to the Division For Internationalisation for the first semester of your year of registration. This report needs to be submitted at least by the end of the first semester so the sooner you submit your report, the sooner you will receive your second disbursement. A progress report on the second semester also has to be submitted to the Division For Internationalisation before the end of the year. This is required for your registration status to be updated with the US Department of Education as well as to initiate your loan application for the following year.

To remain eligible for Aid, your progress reports have to be satisfactory in accordance to your Faculty's standards and requirements. When SAP standards are not met, a student will be given a Financial Aid Warning for the proceeding semester. This means that you will still receive your aid but are subjected to have a satisfactory academic progress for the proceeding semester. If these requirements are not met by the end of the warning period, your aid will be suspended pending an appeal. Please see your Faculty Rules Book for SAP standards and requirements.

De-registration and Leave of Absence

De-registration / Withdrawal

A student wishing to de-register needs to follow the standard de-registration processes as set out by the respective faculty. Before considering de-registration please consult your Federal Aid Administrator to establish how this decision will affect your Direct Loan. See the University’s Faculty Rules Book for the de-registration process.​

Leave of Absence (LoA)

Under special circumstances a student can apply for Leave of Absence (LoA) as set out by the respective Faculty. This leave will only be considered and approved in accordance to the Department of Education if your Faculty confirms that you can continue your programme from the point that you left. During the LoA a student will not be entitled to any Federal Aid. See the University’s Faculty Rules Book for the process of applying for leave of absence.

Cohort default Rate

The Cohort default rate is calculated by the US Department of Education and released to the School annually. UJ recently became eligible to participate in the program.  It takes three years of eligibility to track the outcome on the program.

Contact Us

For detailed information on the US Federal Student Aid, please contact Mr Lebethe Malefo, Tel: 011 559 4592 or Email :