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We are now facing the fourth industrial revolution. The scope of the fourth industrial revolution is far beyond the previous digital or information revolutions. The fourth industrial revolution refers to a systemic transformation that impacts on civil society, governance structures, human identity, economics and manufacturing. It integrates human beings and machines, the physical and the cyber. The underlying technologies of the fourth industrial revolution are artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, nanotechnology, biotechnology, internet of things, cloud computing, autonomous vehicles and 3D printing. UJ has the highest concentration of staff with PhDs in AI on our continent and we are ready to tackle this new era.




The University of Johannesburg will be hosting a series of dialogues commencing with an Inaugural 4.0 Indaba and following by among others:
  • Higher Education 4.0
  • Business and Industry 4.0
  • Ethics 4.0
  • Libraries 4.0
  • The Future of Work 4.0
For more information on any of the above dialogues, please complete the form here

Panel discussions on the future of work

FROM 15 August to 12 September, JIAS will host four panel discussions on the future of work. The series is aimed at providing South African role players with an opportunity to discuss the nature and implications of the far-reaching technological changes under way in the workplace in South Africa as well as globally.

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