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Insight into a life in Physics

​​Get personal insight into the lifes of Physics lecturers, researchers and postgraduate students. These small articles allow you to meet the real people, they give advice and guidance and tell you their stories on living and working. Enjoy getting to know them! 

Prof Aletta Prinsloo is currently based at the Department of Physics on the Auckland Park Campus of UJ. She does research on the magnetic properties of materials, has a C2 NRF rating, is married and has one daughter that is nine years old. If you wondering why there is no small articles on my life - I have no life - I was so busy setting up the Physics website I didn't have time to write a small article as well.
Dr Emanuela Carleschi

Dr Emanuela Carleschi is a lecturer in the Department of Physics on Auckland Park Campus. She moved to South Africa from Italy and does research on Ruthenate compounds. She lives with her husband in Melville and loves working at UJ.

Emanuela wrote an article on giving an account of her move to South Africa.

Dr Bryan Doyle

Dr Bryan Doyle is a senior lecturer in the Department of Physics at UJ. He completed his studies at Wits University and then moved to Europe where he worked at international synchrotron facilities. He moved back to South Africa in 2009 and made a concious choice to join UJ Physics. He is married and lives with his wife close to the university.

In a short article Why I returned to South Africa and joined UJ!" Bryan describes his life in Europe and why he returned home.

Susan Jacobs

Mrs Susan Jacobs is a lecturer in the Physics Department on the Auckland Park Kingsway Campus of UJ. She is currently registered for a PhD in magnetic properties of matter and she enjoys the challenges this study offers. She is originally from India and now lives with her husband and young son in Midrand.

Do read Susan's short article on "My Life in Physics", this will give you insight into how she is ballancing work and family life.

Paulos Molefe

Mr Paul Molefe is a lecturer in the Physics Department at UJ. He started his studies at Vista University in Soweto and did his BSc Honours and MSc degrees at UJ. He is passionate about Science Education and will soon start working on research in this regard towards his PhD studies. He lives with his wife and two children close to UJ.

Read more on how Physics changed Paul's life in the small article "Physics changed my Life".

Buyisiwe Mhlungu

Ms Buyi Sondezi-Mhlungu is currently a lecturer at UJ in the Physics Department. She is working on her PhD studies under the supervision of Prof Strydom. Buyi has received many awards and grants in recent years. She is working hard to establish herself as a researcher in her field and is the mother of two young daughters that she adores.

Do read on "Buyi's Award for Women in Physics" and get her views on "Balancing a scientific career and family life".

Doomnull Unwuchola

Mr Doomnull Unwuchola recently joined the APK staff as a lecturer for the first year extended program. While he is currently busy finalising his MSc thesis, he is enjoying his new life as a lecturer in the Physics Department. 

Read more about Doomnull in his article "My new life as a lecturer in the Physics Department".