Research within the Chemical Sciences Department at UJ Auckland Park Kingsway (APK) Campus revolves around the four main branches of Chemistry. Analytical Chemistry research focuses on analysis of trace and ultra-trace elements and speciation studies in environmental and food matrices, biological samples as well as the application of mesoporous materials in purification of water. Organic Chemistry focuses on natural products chemistry, methodology development and synthesis of bioactive molecules and aspects of Medicinal Chemistry. Research in this area also centers on ligand design for use in metal catalyzed reactions. Inorganic Chemistry research in the department focuses on the development of inorganic compounds and organometallic complexes for application in homogenous and heterogeneous catalysis as well as on nano-chemistry, renewable and sustainable chemistry as well as medicinal chemistry. The Physical Chemistry research entails the design of electrochemical biosensors and microelectronic devices for energy generation and storage as well as artificial intelligence applications. The Department also conducts research in the sub-areas of Computational Chemistry, Structural Chemistry and Crystallography to investigate structural properties of biocatalysts, reaction mechanisms and interstellar materials. Detailed research activities are available on the individual researchers' web pages which can be accessed through this link.