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Dr Leah C. Matsinha's Manuscript wins the 2018 Arthur E. Martell Early Career Researcher Prize


Dr Leah Matsinha's Manuscript wins the 2018 Arthur E. Martell Early Career Researcher Prize  

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The Arthur E. Martell Early Career Researcher Prize for the year 2018 has been awarded to our postdoctoral researcher Dr Leah Matsinha. The Prize is awarded annually in honour of the founding Editor of the Journal of Coordination Chemistry, Professor Arthur Martell. As mentioned on the publisher's webpage, the prize is awarded to a 'coordination chemist as an author with a substantial contribution to a high-quality manuscript published in the Journal of Coordination Chemistry in each Volume'. Dr Leah and her co-author Dr Makhubela won the 2018 prize for their work on the synthesis characterization and evaluation of heterobimetallic Fe(II)/Rh(I) and Fe(II)/Ru(II) complexes as catalyst precursors for hydroformylation of 1-octene. Congratulations to the team! May you keep flying the University and Department's flag high!  

The article is available on the publisher's site via this link

The award letter is available on the publisher's site via this link