Celebrating Heritage and Cultural Diversity

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​Celebrating Heritage and Cultural Diversity

Our staff members created digital posters and videos to celebrate their heritage and cultural diversity in line with Heritage Day 2021. Here is a look at the cultural diversity within the Faculty of Science at UJ.

Faculty Office

Academy of Computer Science and Software Engineering

Note: This is an interactive PDF (with audio): To enable audio to play, please download the interactive PDF and open is with Adobe and enable 3D content for the audio to play.


Biotechnology and Food Technology


Botany and Plant Biotechnology


Uj Botany And Plant Biotechnology Heritage Celebration
UJ Botany and Plant Biotechnology Heritage Celebration

Chemical Sciences

Geography, Environmental Management & Energy Studies


Mathematics and Applied Mathematics




Uj Physics Heritage Celebration
UJ Physics Heritage Celebration





Uj Zoology Heritage Celebration
UJ Zoology Heritage Celebration