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Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

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The Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics consists of two divisions please make selection below: 

Applied Mathematics 

Our research interests are varied and we offer a wide variety of courses at Honours level. Research activities cover such areas as dynamical systems, computer algebra, quantum computing, partial differential equations, neural networks and photovoltaic device simulation. 

Our undergraduate courses cover vector calculus and classical mechanics, differential equations, numerical analysis, optimisation theory, neural networks and genetic algorithms, and quantum computing. At Honours level we offer courses in partial differential equations, numerical analysis, computer algebra, dynamical systems, neural networks, multilinear algebra, Lie groups and algebras, object-oriented programming, relativity theory, and quantum field theory. 

Masters and Doctoral projects are related to research activities

Pure Mathematics 

Apart from Pure Mathematics majors our students include those studying towards degrees in the Physical Sciences, Life and Environmental Sciences, Engineering, Information Technology, Business, and Education. We offer a full complement of post graduate qualifications in pure mathematics, including BSc Honours, MSc, and PhD degrees. 

Academics within the division, several of which are NRF rated, are active in the research specialization areas of Functional Analysis, Graph Theory, and Mathematical Logic. Through ongoing research collaboration we maintain links with various other institutions, both locally and abroad. 

Pure Mathematics actively engages the communities around UJ with initiatives that include fund raising concerts for local children's homes and the collection of food donations for underprivileged students. We also run a mathematics olympiad training programme for gifted primary and secondary school learners, in collaboration with the South African Mathematics Foundation.​