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The ​UJenius Club

What is the UJenius Club?
The UJenius Club is a Vice-Chancellor’s initiative to acknowledge outstanding academic performance by undergraduate students, and to offer members additional opportunities for intellectual and professional development. The UJenius Club focuses on:
  1.  Acknowledging and promoting academic excellence as a core component of the UJ student identity.
  2. Bringing together students from a diverse range of disciplines to stimulate interdisciplinary discussion and collaboration.
  3. Promoting the UJ values.
  4. Creating a social space where UJenius Club members, from different Faculties and Campuses, are able to interact with each other; to build partnerships and friendships.
  5. Creating opportunities for closer contact with members of the broader UJ community.
  6. Providing UJenius members with privileged connections and benefits, given their academic performance.

How are you selected to be in the Club?
After first year registration, Orange Carpet members will become UJenius club members, which hosts all of UJ’s top achieving students.
To join or to keep UJenius Club membership, students need to have achieved a year average of 75% in the preceding year, on a full course load, and with no module below 70%.  Also, 2nd, 3rd and final year students are nominated for membership into the UJenius Club by their respective faculties. 
Students are usually informed by email and are officially welcomed at the annual UJenius welcome event. Each year there are approximately 300 – 500 members in the club. Membership for the club is reviewed on an annual basis and is only applicable to undergraduate students.

What does it mean to be part of the Club?
In 2020 the UJenius Club is hoping to continue to develop a special relationship with top performers; seeking to contribute to their further academic and professional development, while offering benefits and opportunities for members to find ways to connect with other UJ stakeholders. This means that UJenius members will be able to access benefits that have come as a result of a number of old and new partnerships between the UJenius Club and other UJ stakeholders. Over and above these benefits, UJenius members will also receive rewards for their academic achievements, which may include:
  •  A certificate outlining the achievement of the UJenius Club member, which can be used when seeking employment.
  •  UJenius gifts.
  •  Opportunities to listen to, and network with, high-quality guest speakers and leaders in a variety of fields.
  •  Invitations to prestigious social functions and opportunities where UJenius members are prioritized for selection.
  •  Invitations to various workshops focused on self-development as well as preparation for the world of work.

How can I get more information about UJenius?
To find out more about the UJenius Club, students may contact their respective faculties, or you may send an email to the UJenius Team at For urgent queries you can contact the UJenius Office at the B5 Building (Office 145 – 011 559 3112).
The UJenius Club also uses social media platforms to connect with its club members.  If you are a current UJenius Club member, you will be able to join the closed UJenius Facebook Group – this can be done by requesting to join directly via Facebook, or by following a link that is sent out regularly via email.  The UJenius Team shares news, updates and important information using this platform.

Updated: 19 February 2020