​Mandela Day

Faculty-based Mandela Day initiatives over the past few years included:


Eldorado Park Primary School Library 

  • In 2018, the Faculty initiated a reading programme at the Eldorado Park Primary School. Approximately 160 Grade 6 learners participated. 


Eldorado Park Primary School Library 

  • In 2017, the Faculty of Science, in conjunction with a number of external sponsors, donated a basic library to the Eldorado Park Primary School in Soweto. Books for the library were donated by individual staff members, departments within the Faculty as well as external donors. The Library was officially launched on 8 September 2017.   

Crown Mines Primary School 

  • Engagement with the Crown Mines Primary School in Johannesburg where representatives from all departments in the Faculty participated in a science information/awareness session for the high school learners.


Eldorado Park Primary School

  • The collection and donation of books for a library for the Eldorado Park Primary School in Soweto.


Klip Town Youth Programme (KYP)

  • Involvement with the Klip Town Youth Programme (KYP), where the Faculty assisted the KYP to convert one of their tutor venues into a science-themed classroom (including the donation of science-related books).

Updated: 8 January 2019