​UJenius Club

The UJenius Club, (formerly known as the UJ Top Achiever’s Club) is an initiative of UJ to acknowledge outstanding performance by undergraduate students. Membership to the UJenius Club is by invitation only. Members have to achieve and maintain an annual average of at least 75% during their undergraduate studies and must achieve a final mark of at least 70% in each module.  Membership commences at the end of the first year of study.

The purpose of the UJenius Club is to;

  • Promote academic excellence as a core component of the UJ student identity

  • Expose top students to other disciplines and to a broader range of academic debates,  in view of the growing importance of interdisciplinary

  • Further promote UJ values, with participants expected to contribute as well as to receive

  • Create a social space where top-performing students (from different faculties and campuses) are able to interact and,  and to build partnerships and friendships 

Various privileges are associated with UJenius Club membership; inter alia, student exchanges, student ambassadorships, industry or professional mentorships, undergraduate research opportunities, and first choice residence accommodation.