The Faculty of Science consists of 11 departments, which specialise in various in scientific disciplines such as computer and numerical sciences, earth and life sciences, chemical and physical sciences. Our departments include the Academy of Computer Science and Software Engineering; Department of Biochemistry; Department of Biotechnology and Food Technology; Department of Botany & Plant Biotechnology; Department of Chemical Sciences; Department of Geography, Environmental Management & Energy Studies; Department of Geology; Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics; Department of Physics; Department of Statistics; and Department of Zoology.

Head of Department​
Academy of Computer Science and Software Engineering
​Prof Elize Ehlers
Department of Biochemistry
​Prof Lizelle Piater
Department of Biotechnology and Food Technology
​Prof Ezekiel Green
Department of ​Botany & Plant Biotechnology
​Prof Eduard Venter 
Department of ​Chemical Sciences
Prof James Ramontja
Department of ​Geography, Environmental Management & Energy Studies
​Prof Clare Kelso
Department of Geology
​Prof Michiel de Kock
Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
​Prof Farai Nyabadza 
Department of ​Physics
​Prof Paulus Masiteng
Department of ​Statistics
​Dr Jacques van Appel
Department of ​Zoology
​Prof Cobus van Dyk 

Updated: 27 August 2021