​Published Articles​

Journal articles published by the Department's staff from 2013

Professor Mornay Roberts-Lombard

Du Plessis, L. & Roberts-Lombard, M.  (2013).  The influence of trust and commitment on customer loyalty through Customer Relationship Management – A case study of Liberty Life.  Acta Commercii, 13(1):1-8.

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Van Tonder, E. & Roberts-Lombard, M.  (2015).  Relationship marketing dimensions predicting customer loyalty towards independent financial advisers.  Journal of Contemporary Management, 12:184-207.

Professor Mercy Mpinganjira

Mpinganjira, M.  (2016).  Environmental stimuli and user experience. In Online Customer Communities: A focus on flow. Management Dynamics, 25(2).

Maduku, D. K., Mpinganjira, M. & Duh, H.  (2016).  Understanding mobile marketing adoption intention by South African SMEs: A multi-perspective framework.  International Journal of Information Management, 36(5):711-723.

Mpinganjira, M., Roberts-Lombard, M., Svensson, G. & Wood, G.  (2016).  Embedding the ethos of codes of ethics into corporate South Africa: Current status.  European Business Review, 28(3):333-351.

Roberts-Lombard, M., Mpinganjira, M., Svensson, G. & Wood, G. 'A Construct of Code Effectiveness: Empirical Findings and Measurement Properties', Accepted for publication. In African Journal of Business Ethics.

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Professor Christine De Meyer-Heydenrych

Oosthuizen, D., Spowart, J. & De Meyer-Heydenrych, C.F.  (2015).  The relationship between perceived price and consumers' purchase intentions of private label wine brands.  African Journal of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure, 4(2).

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De Meyer, C.F., Petzer, D. J., Svari, S. & Svensson, G.  (2013).  Investigating perceived justice in South African Healthcare.  Journal of Contemporary Management, 10:156-175.

Dr Isolde Lubbe

Lubbe, I.  (2014).  Recruitment in Higher Education. Marketing, Advancement and Communication in Education Conference website.

Petzer, D. & Lubbe, I.  (2013).  Key information sources influencing prospective students' university choice - a South African perspective. SAJHE (South African Journal of Higher Education). 27(4).

Dr Daniel Maduku

Maduku, D.K.  (2015).  An empirical investigation of students' behavioural intention to use e-book.  Management Dynamics, 24(3):2-20.             

Maduku, D.K.  (2015).  Factors of e-book use intentions: Perspectives of students in a developing country.  Perspectives on Global Development and Technology, 14(6):597-618.

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Dr Marius Wait

Wait, M. & Govender, C.M. (2016). Multi-stakeholder work integrated learning model for higher education - a transdisciplinary approach.  The South African Journal for Higher Education, 30(2):279-293.  

Wait, M. (2014).  A Marketing Work-Integrated-Learning Project: A working model.  The South African Journal for Higher Education, 28(5):1680-1693.

Dr Beate Stiehler-Mulder

Stiehler, B.E. Caruana, A. & Vella, J.  (2016).  Using an Aesthetics and Ontology framework to investigate consumers' attitudes toward Luxury Wine Brands as a product category: Evidence from Two Countries.  International Journal of Wine Business Research, 28(2).

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