​​​​​Short Courses in Marketing and Retail Management

Short courses (also known as Continuing Education Programmes or CEPs) in Marketing and Retail Management
Certificates and short courses in Marketing and Retail
Download a summary of our Retail short courses and certificate programmes currently offered:
Please contact the Department directly to get detailed information on each of these courses.
Ms. Alice Avenant aavenant@uj.ac.za / 011 559 1424​
Mrs. Mariette Frazer mfrazer@uj.ac.za

Who should typically enroll for these short courses in Marketing and Retail?
· People working in Marketing, Retail, Sales or PR positions who do not have any formal marketing or retail training
· People from business units who increasingly need to market their business unit or products and services offered
· People wanting to supplement their technical skills base with marketing or retail expertise
All programmes offered can also be created as an in-house option for an organisation. Please contact the Department of Marketing Management to discuss how a programme can be customised to meet your organisation’s needs.