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Journal of Transport and Supply Chain Management

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Peer Mentor Function

Mentors from the Department of Transport and Supply Chain Management; Mr. Lunga Jacobs and Mr. Simon Ndhlovu were appointed to mentor all first year students. The process happened on both APK and ABP. Senior students also assisted the first years by playing a mentoring role by providing advice on how these students could adjust and adapt to university life. Sharing their experiences made it somewhat better for the first years; as they now had mentors to call on for guidance. Much positive feedback has been received thus far.

The event was attended by the Dean Prof van Lill  and the Vice Dean, Prof Spowart. Students were then awarded with certificates for their contribution in the peer mentor programme.


Transport Forum

Transport Forum  hosted by the University of Johannesburg's Department of Transport and Supply Chain Management

Nine and a half years ago, the Transport Forum was created as part of the state-owned arivia.kom's drive to enhance the group's growth strategy in the transport sector. With the acquisition of arivia.kom in 2010, T-Systems South Africa (Pty) Ltd became the proud Platinum Sponsor of the Transport Forum. Close cooperation with content providers such as recognised industry bodies, universities, regulatory bodies, consulting houses, NGOs and numerous role players from the private  and public transport sectors resulted in this initiative expanding to play a significant role in networking and content provision to decision makers.

The Transport Forum became an enabler and mobiliser in the transport sector with the aim of streamlining interaction and cooperation amongst the role players. Attendance at the monthly special interest group (SIG) sessions is mostly free of charge to reduce red tape and accommodate budget constraints for participants. Networking at these sessions often result in alliances which contribute towards making a difference in the transport industry in South Africa.

The Transport Forum's website: http://www.transportsig.com, offers registered users (free of charge) the opportunity to network with other registered users and to download presentations presented at the SIG sessions. The Transport Forum brings all role-players together cultivating the transport community of South Africa.


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FOM Annual Report 2016


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