STH Feeding Scheme​

Meal Support from the School of Tourism and Hospitality (STH) aids Missing Middle and NSFAS students

The STH found that many students were attending classes hungry or not attending class at all because of hunger, and upon further inspection, it was found that all of these students were either funded by NSFAS or are considered 'missing middle'. This Is how the STH Feeding Scheme began at the beginning of 2016.

The STH provides two cooked balanced meals a day that are prepared in the schools industrial kitchens by the STH chefs themselves to over 70 needy students.

Dr Diane Abrahams, Director: School of Tourism and Hospitality at UJ says that the aim of the feeding scheme is to provide needy students daily access to a balanced meal. “The feeding scheme includes breakfast and lunch and while the students complete practical classes in the banqueting operatonal space, dinner or a 'staff meall' is also provided.”

The STH wishes to grow their feeding scheme and welcomes additional support and sponsorship from other companies that wish to assist the tourism and hospitality leaders of tomorow.

To be part of the Solution, contact:

Dr Diane Abrahams

Director: School of Tourism and Hospitality

Tel: 011 559 1046