​STH Alumni Programme

Len Wolman, Chairman and CEO: Waterford
I am grateful for the education and experience I was afforded as a student of the TWR Hotel School, which gave me a stern foundation necessary to recognize my dreams in the hospitality industry.

My involvement as a STH alumnus has been rewarding on many levels. Since 1990, we have had the pleasure of working with numerous STH student interns within our organisation. It has also been an honour to work with the many talented and committed individuals instrumental in the establishment and development of the University’s School of Tourism and Hospitality (STH) and to serve as a Board Member for the School. The future is bright for students studying at the STH and they will definitely serve as future leaders in the South African hospitality industry. 
Clifford Ross, Chief Executive: City Lodge Hotels

The School of Tourism and Hospitality at the University of Johannesburg offers a fantastic opportunity and foundation for young South Africans to learn the fundamentals of tourism and hospitality, probably the world’s fastest growing industry and leadership. As an alma mater of the school, I can honestly say that the valuable time I spent there many years ago provided the ideal starting point for my successful career in the hotel industry. I would highly recommend the experience to anyone else with a passion for tourism and hospitality.
Paul D Elliot, Marketing Director: FEDICS

The achievement of my National Diploma in Hotel Management in 1979 provided an excellent grounding which kick-started my career and it prepared me for all aspects of general management. Today, any person wishing to pursue a career in Hospitality Management has the advantage of being able to study at a world class facility at the University of Johannesburg’s School of Tourism and Hospitality. They also have the added advantage of being able to complete a B Tech degree. I cannot endorse the facility any more, other than to say my daughter intends studying at the STH after she completes her grade 12 this year.
Arthur Gillis, Group Managing Director: Protea Hotels.

The tourism and hospitality industry is a very exciting and rewarding career choice. To succeed in this industry you need to have a high degree of business acumen and passion. I believe the University of Johannesburg, School of Tourism and Hospitality offers students the environment to succeed through its high quality facilities and lecturers. As an alumnus I cherish my time spent at the Hotel School for the skills and knowledge acquired and the opportunity to interact and build relationships with future industry leaders. Tourism and Hospitality www.uj.ac.za
Geoff Kemper, Junior Lecturer: School of Tourism and Hospitality

By studying at the STH many opportunities have opened up for me that have advanced my thought patterns, my career and in understanding my self, my ambitions and dreams. The journey through life is now starting off on the right foot and I am headed in the right direction.
Japie Swanepoel, Partner: Longtail

I joined the then Hotel School to learn about hotel management with the vision to make it my career. I really enjoyed the broad scope of subjects and practical experience I received during my studies and internship. It was only much later on in life, after having left the hospitality industry that I realised how much the network of contacts I built up during my time there benefited me. My advice to prospective students is to consider not only the practical and academic knowledge you will gain from studying towards a career in the hospitality industry at UJ, but also the potential network you will build that can serve you well in whatever capacity, industry or country you may find yourself in some day. There are successful alumni in senior positions in the hospitality industry in South Africa as well as in Australia, the USA and many other countries. Several alumni have also excelled in marketing, management and consulting careers, using their studies and contacts as a basis for their success.
Zuqhuame Matutu, Junior Lecturer: School of Tourism and Hospitality

The School of Tourism and Hospitality at UJ provides an excellent learning atmosphere and ample opportunity for one to become an integral part of tourism and hospitality and make a meaningful contribution towards the industry.
Maisa Correia, Junior Lecturer: School of Tourism and Hospitality

The School offers a fantastic range of modules on both the Tourism and the Hospitality front that expose the student to various elements of the industry as a whole. Tourism at UJ is an exciting and incredibly insightful look into what South Africa has to offer to the world, both in the present as well as in the future. This affords the student the opportunity to use his/her professional knowledge and skills in the workplace when contributing to the development and sustainability of tourism and hospitality in South Africa and abroad.