Thank you for considering a gift to the University of Johannesburg, School of Tourism and Hospitality

Giving with a credit card is a convenient, flexible option for a once-off contribution (the “straight” option) or over several payments (the “budget” option).

Getting a correct tax certificate

To get an accurate Section 18A tax certificate from UJ, you need to do three things every time you give with a credit card:

  • Type in the project reference provided by UJ on the first screen of the credit card payment transaction.
  • On the second screen of the transaction, type into the Confirmation Email field.
  • Download the Tax Certificate Information Form form, print it, fill in both sides and email it to

Click here to download the form.

*Please e-mail your proof of payment with your Name and Surname/Company Name and Donation amount to Ms. Adila Adams at .

Let's get started

To give to STH with a credit card or via EFT, using the payment reference, STHBeTheSolution, Click Below.