About ​#STHBeTheSolution


#FeesMustFall is trending news. As the protests continue, UJ and the School of Tourism and Hospitality (STH) heard what our students had to say. This is how the #STHBeTheSolution initiative was born.

#STHBeTheSolution will aid our Missing Middle students in paying for and ultimately completing their studies. Help us close the gap and ensure that the future generation of tourism and hospitality leaders dreams are realised!


#STHBeTheSolution asks: How do we ensure that we are all part of a solution?

This question is posed to staff, students and our STH communities. It is a promise from UJ; we are united in our efforts to create a better tomorrow.
It’s a call for initiatives that generate solutions where there are currently none.
It’s a rallying plea, to join the positive conversation. We want tangible solutions rather than problems.

Join us, be part of the solution and use the hashtag #STHBeTheSolution on social media when sharing our good news stories.

#STHBeTheSolution – What solution are you part of?​​