SAIFAC has an impressive record of publication in a wide range of journals, books and textbooks. Below is a sample list of the period 2009-2017.

Articles should all be accessible via well-known databases but if you cannot gain access to them and would like to cite them, please contact the author or member of SAIFAC staff.

Recent op-ed pieces

  • D Bilchitz and M Dafel 'SA must speak out for gay people in Nigeria' Business Day (24 January 2014)
  • D Bilchitz and M Finn 'Animal welfare and Environmental Protection Go Together' Daily Maverick (14 October 2014)
  • M Finn and T Fish Hodgson 'Cherish our Constitution' The Star (10 December 2014)
  • D Bilchitz 'The show must go on- without animal abuse)' Mail & Guardian (15 May 2015)
  • D Bilchitz 'Rights bridge the real and the ideal' Mail & Guardian (30 October 2015)
  • F Mahomed and D Bilchitz 'Give mental health the priority it deserves' Mail & Guardian (19 November 2015)
  • D Bilchitz 'Recent Student Protests are Counter-productive' South African Jewish Report (09 March 2016)
  • D Bilchitz 'Rhino Hunting is not Compatible with Conservation' Daily Maverick (14 March 2016)
  • D Bilchitz 'Nkandla: Constitutional Court asserts its moral authority' South African Jewish Report (06 April 2016)
  • D Bilchitz 'Why women's voices must be heard at Yom Hashoah' South African Jewish Report (13 May 2016)
  • D Bilchitz and R Cachalia 'Violent Protests are a symptom of people being ignored' Mail & Guardian (19 May 2016)
  • R Cachalia 'Emboldening a Country in Distress – The South African Constitutional Court on Nkandla' Blog of the IACL, AIDC (11 July 2016)
  • D Bilchitz and R Cachalia 'Corruption- a Violation of Human Rights? Daily Maverick (24 November 2016)
  • D Bilchitz 'The Separation of Powers Requires a Secret Ballot' Daily Maverick (14 May 2017) 

The book 'Building a Business and Human Rights Treaty: Context and Contours' was launched at the United Nations library on Wednesday 25 October 2017. 

The book is co-edited by Prof David Bilchitz, Director of the South African Institute for Advanced Constitutional, Public, Human Rights and International Law (SAIFAC), a centre of the University of Johannesburg (UJ) together with Prof Surya Deva, Associate Professor at the City University of Hong Kong. The book brings together leading academics from around the world to consider the way in which a new treaty on business and human rights should be developed and drafted.         

The growing recognition of the potential impact of corporations upon fundamental rights has led to a long-awaited process in which states are discussing a binding treaty on business and human rights. Such a treaty would be novel, focusing on how powerful agents can be regulated across international borders to advance the realisation of human rights. This book seeks to rise to the challenge of envisaging what the content of such a treaty would look like. It includes chapters debating questions such as the nature and scope of corporate obligations, the obligations of the state to protect individuals both within their territory and without, and how to advance access to remedies for victims of corporate human rights violations. Many chapters include draft provisions for a future treaty, thus catalysing debate as to what such an instrument should look like and seek to accomplish.         

The book was launched at the United Nations Library from 13h15-14h45 during the week-long meeting of the Inter-governmental Working Group on Business and Human Rights which is tasked with drafting the treaty.