Present Projects and Relationships

Present projects and relationships

  • Constitutional Court Review (ongoing)

 Annually, SAIFAC with the support of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, assists with the organisation of a two-day conference that evaluates the work of the Constitutional Court over the previous year. A number of excellent, local and international presenters prepare academic papers on many of the important issues raised by judgments of the Court. This is a precursor to a published volume of the Constitutional Court Review journal, which was accredited by the Department of Higher Education and Training at the end of 2015. Professor David Bilchitz and researcher, Raisa Cachalia are editors. The editor in chief, Professor Stu Woolman is a research associate of SAIFAC and long-time supporter of its activities and events.

  •  Constitution Hill Debating Tournament (ongoing)

 To promote constitutionalism and human rights more widely in society as a whole, SAIFAC is a founding partner together with Constitution Hill to host the annual Constitution Hill Debating Tournament. The aim of the tournament is to educate learners about the Bill of Rights in an exciting, informal manner as well as to develop their analytical and oratory skills. In 2015, the project reached 50 schools from previously disadvantaged schools in three areas: Tembisa, Katlehong and Soweto. The focus is also on the qualitative improvement of learners' skills. The quarter- and semi-finals take place on Constitution Hill, where the teams are given a tour and talk about the history of the origins of the Bill of Rights. The finals take place in the historic venue of the Women's Jail. SAIFAC hopes to continue to use its expertise in the area of fundamental rights to improve learners' awareness and understanding of rights and ultimately, to deepen a culture of respect for rights in our society. It has also been able to assist in raising funds for the competition and is grateful to the Claude Leon Foundation for its support of the project.