SAIFAC is governed by a board made up of the following:

Internal members
(a) the Executive Dean or his/her nominee;
(b) the HOD or his/her nominee;
(c) the Director;
(d) the Deputy Director;
(e) one or two acad​emic members of the University elected by the Faculty Board.
External members
(a) one to four members external to the University to be nominated by the Executive Dean after consultation with the HOD and Director and approved by the Faculty Board.  If possible, the external members should include –
     (i) sitting judges or retired judges and academics from another university;
     (ii) at least two members who had served on the board of the Trust prior to its dissolution.
SAIFAC is managed by a Director and a Deputy Director.  The Deputy Director assists the Director to perform the duties outlined below.
The functions of the Director include the following:

  • planning and execution of projects of the Centre;
  • appointment of and direction of personnel of the Centre, subject to the rules and procedures  of the University;
  • reporting to the Governing Board of the Centre;
  • annual reporting to the Executive Dean, the Faculty Board and the University Research Committee;
  • administration (including financial administration) of the Centre;
  • the use of funds of the Centre subject to the consent of the Executive Dean or the Vice Dean, and in conformity with the rules and procedures of the University; and
  • any other function that is reasonably necessary to manage the Centre.

SAIFAC Staff Structure
The staffing of SAIFAC includes:
i)   Director: Executive position
The Director is responsible for the overall running of SAIFAC and its activities. The Director is also responsible for strategic planning for the institute and also must be an active academic leader in his/her field.
ii)    Deputy Director: Executive position
The Deputy Director is responsible for assisting the Director with the running of SAIFAC and its activities. The Deputy Director must also provide input on the strategic direction of SAIFAC and be an active academic in his/her field.
iii)   Researcher
 The researcher is a promising academic who has the ability to conduct independent research and take the lead on some of SAIFAC’s conferences and projects.
iv)   Research Assistant
The research assistant is a promising academic who is developing as an independent researcher.
v)    Secretary/PA to Director
The secretary to the Director is the core senior administrative official within SAIFAC. S/he is responsible for ensuring the smooth administrative operation of SAIFAC, complying with UJ financial and administrative procedures and ensuring conferences and symposia run smoothly.
vi)   Office Assistant
The office assistant is responsible for ensuring that all aspects relating to the offices of SAIFAC are properly attended to including ensuring the cleanliness of the offices, being a messenger, and assisting in the administration of conferences and symposia.