​Building Partnerships

·         University of Externado, Colombia


On 22 September 2016, the University of Johannesburg, concluded a Framework Agreement of Academic Cooperation with Externado University of Bogota, Colombia. The agreement comes as a result of an intiative by SAIFAC, under the leadership of SAIFAC's director, Professor David Bilchitz,m and Dr Juan Carlos Henao Perez, the Vice Chancellor of Externado University (and former Chief Justice of Colombia). The purpose of the agreement is to 'strengthen the South–South opportunities for academic collaboration, engagement and exchange in areas of mutual interest'. The first project in the co-operation will focus on the areas of transitional and distributive justice culminating in a conference being organised for November 2018 and hopefully a book containing a series of chapters on these themes. This research project will be mutli-disciplinary in nature drawing on the perspectives of a range of disciplines within the humanities including law, political science, philosophy and psychology.


·         International Association of Constitutional Law


SAIFAC has for over ten years had a close association with the International Association of Constitutional law. Its founding director, Theunis Roux, was the Secretary-General of the Association and played host to the secretariat. The second director of SAIFAC, Prof David Bilchitz, has been Secretary-General of the Association since April 2013. SAIFAC also organised a round-table of the association at the end of May 2015.


·         Renmin Law School: LGBT Rights and Legal Reform


In 2015, SAIFAC was also able to form a partnership with one of the major universities in China, the Renmin Law School, to run the first major conference in China on 'LGBT Rights and Legal Reform: a Comparative Approach'.