‚ÄčAdvocacy work

In 2014, SAIFAC made a number of submissions and comments to provincial legislatures and the executive concerning several laws relating to the environment and animal welfare.

In 2015, SAIFAC made a written and oral submission to the National Assembly concerning the need to strengthen the amendments to the Performing Animals Protection Act and so improve its impact on animal welfare.

In 2016, SAIFAC lodged a complaint on behalf of more than 50 women with the Department of Home Affairs. This was in response to a widespread practice of automatically changing the surnames of women upon marriage. This was notwithstanding the fact that these women had expressly indicated their choice to retain their maiden names. The outcome of this initiative was a success on two fronts: we were able to bring the problem to the attention of the Department and ensure that the surnames of the affected women were changed back.


In 2017, SAIFAC made a written submission on the proposed hate speech and hate crime Bill. In the submission, SAIFAC challenged the constitutionality of the over-broad provisions of the Bill dealing with hate speech.


In 2017, SAIFAC and the South African Research Chair In International Law (UJ) submitted a written submission to Parliament on the proposed implementation of the Rome statute of the International Criminal Court Repeal Bill, 2016.



Human Rights Scorecard and Methodology (2016/2017)


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